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The Top 5 Greatest Teen Titans Villains

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The Teen Titans have been around for many years meaning there is a vastly rich history behind the team. Originally debuting in the Brave and the Bold #54 (1964), the Teen Titans started out as a group of sidekicks to the major Justice League heroes at the time, but after Marv Wolfman & George Perez got their hands on the team, they transformed them into an iconic superhero team stepping out of their mentor’s shadow and all becoming the heroes they were destined to be.

Although the Teen Titans team is still largely popular today, one aspect of their mythos that often gets skipped over seems to be their rogue’s gallery. With arguably one of the best rogue’s galleries in all of DC Comics, here is our list for the top 5 Teen Titans villains of all time.

5 - Doctor Light

(via: DC Comics)

Doctor Light is a DC villain whose legacy goes way beyond being just a Teen Titans villains. Being a key member of the Fearsome Five (a group of Teen Titans villains) as well as also being classed as a Justice League villain, Arthur Light possesses the powers of photokinesis which allows him to control and bend light to his will making him a dangerous antagonist for any hero within the DC universe.

Making numerous appearances within Teen Titans comics, Teen Titans Go! & even Season Two of the Titans show, Doctor Light is no doubt one of the teams fiercest foes to date and we’d love to see him return at some point in the current DC titles to mess with the Titans/Teen Titans yet again.

4 - Brother Blood

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One of the more lesser-known characters within the wider DC Comics universe, Brother Blood has had his fair share of history with the Teen Titans. Leading a cult known as the Church of Blood, Sebastian Blood is immensely dangerous and possesses mystical powers that allow him to absorb the powers and energy of his victims by drinking their blood (yikes!).

Brother Blood has had numerous run-ins with the Titans with him capturing powerful members of the team such as Raven and bringing them back to his home island of Zandia for sacrifice. And with his upcoming live-action debut inTitans Season Four, played by Joseph Morgan, Brother Blood’s popularity is scheduled to shoot up immensely in the coming months.

3 - Blackfire

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Sister of infamous Teen Titan Starfire, Komand’r is the older sibling you’d never want. Sharing an intense rivalry with her sister from a young age, Blackfire has been a thorn in the side of the Teen Titans/Titans for some time now. Thanks to her tragic rejection by her people and the Citadel murdering thousands of Tameranean’s in her name, Blackfire developed an intense hatred for her planet’s people but most importantly, her sister.

Receiving her powers much later than expected, Blackfire uses her immense powers of ultraviolet energy to wreak havoc on her sister’s beloved Teen Titans team. Her awesome power has also allowed her to battle foes such as Hawkman & Hawkgirl and having battled the Teen Titans on numerous occasions since the early 80’s, Blackfire is no doubt one of the teams most fearsome and deadly foes.

2 - Trigon

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Trigon is definitely the most powerful villain on this list with him being an all-powerful demon from another dimension as well as Teen Titans member Raven’s father. Trigon’s arrival to conquer earth was the sole reason behind the formation of the second incarnation of the Teen Titans team by Raven and boy was he a handful to deal with.

Possessing powers such as dimensional travel, illusion casting, telepathy, molecular reconstruction, pyrokinesis and so much more makes Trigon one of the deadliest enemies in the wider DC multiverse. His impact on the Teen Titans has been felt across the comics, tv shows and animated movies fully cementing him as one of the best Teen Titans villains of all time.

1 - Deathstroke

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Definitely the most famous Teen Titans villain of all time, Deathstroke is possibly one of the most infamous villains in the DC universe as well. Having a sworn hatred for the team since his debut in New Teen Titans #2, Deathstroke is probably the most reoccurring Titans villain to date and is the main antagonist in their most famous storyline, the Judas Contract.

His popularity has expanded from the Teen Titans comics as he’s received numerous solo comic book titles, features in other characters comics such as Batman & the Justice League, appeared many times in DC animated movies & even made an appearance in the DCEU with Zack Snyder’s Justice League in 2021. Deathstroke’s impact on the team is humongous and many of the Titans’ best stories heavily involve the deadliest assassin in the DC universe.

Who is your favourite Teen Titans villain? What would you change about our list? Let us know in the comments below.

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