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The Flash: Everything We Learnt From the Teaser

Updated: Feb 4

This year’s DC FanDome finally gave us a first look at The Flash and has left many fans with tons of questions and theories as to what exactly is going on in the movie. Multiple Flashes, Batmen, Supergirl and more are all featuring in this upcoming movie but as to how everyone fits in is still clearly unknown.

Before we dive into this breakdown go ahead and watch the teaser right here: The Flash - First Look Teaser Trailer | DC FanDome 2021 - YouTube

Time Travel/Dimensional Travel

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We know for a fact that this movie is going to be loosely based on the highly popular DC comic 'Flashpoint' by Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert in which Barry Allen goes back in time to save his mother - Nora Allen - from being murdered. However, in doing so he alters reality itself leading to many changes to the DC universe including Bruce Wayne being killed instead of his parents, leading to Thomas Wayne becoming Batman and Martha Wayne becoming the Joker; Superman landing in Metropolis instead of Smallville leading to his capture by the US Government; Wonder Woman and her Amazons going to war against Aquaman and his Atlanteans and so much more.

Although The Flash is very unlikely to feature these exact events, we do know that Barry will be traveling back in time to save his mother which will cause huge ramifications going forward and the teaser even shows us a short clip of Barry approaching her. Dimensional travel will also be present as he somehow travels to what seems to be the Michael Keaton Batman universe and potentially other universe’s as well.

Two Flashes?

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This was crazy to see! It appears we will be having not one but two Flashes featuring in this movie but is all as it seems? Since the revelation of two Ezra Miller’s appearing at the same time, the implication is that the other Flash is either an alternate universe Barry, an evil Barry or a completely different character disguised as Barry. We also know that there will be a new Flash suit as seen in multiple clips from the teaser, but who is the one getting the new suit? This is where the confusion really comes in.

The appearance of two Flashes has thrown off everyone as to who is the real main universe Barry Allen, but we’d suggest it's safe to say that our main universe Barry will be getting the new suit. The new suit looks extremely awesome, and the speed force lines added look perfect but there’s also another Flash suit worn by the longer haired Barry which is made from an old Michael Keaton Batman suit that’s been spray painted red and yellow. Why is he wearing that? The answer remains to be seen.

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Flash Ring

We also get to see someone holding a Flash ring which we assume the “real” Barry will be acquiring at some point but an interesting thing to note is that in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it clip, the long haired Barry is comforting someone who appears to be Kiersey Clemons’ Iris West whilst wearing the Flash ring so could it be him who gives the “real” Barry this idea? Or is the long haired Barry the “real” Barry and the ring is what him and Ben Affleck’s Batman had worked on whilst supposedly crafting this new Flash suit. We admit, this is all extremely confusing, but we have no doubt there will be viable explanations for everything when we get the official trailer and the movie finally releases.

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Reverse Flash?

The most interesting theory in our opinion is that Eobard Thawne - also known as Reverse Flash – is the one masquerading as the long-haired Barry Allen. This is very intriguing considering how important Reverse Flash is to Barry Allen’s history. Reverse Flash is the one responsible for the death of Barry Allen’s mother Nora and is his sworn enemy who has an important part to play in the 'Flashpoint' comic too. It would be strange to leave out a character like Eobard Thawne in a story that heavily revolves around the death of Barry’s mother but there are a few hints that suggest that he could be featuring in the movie.

(via: DC Comics)

Reverse Flash’s costume is yellow, and the long-haired Barry seems to be wearing a lot of yellow and although this a reach, small subliminal hints such as this aren’t often a coincidence. There is also another interesting hint towards the Reverse Flash and that is on the taxi that drops the two Barry’s off at Michael Keaton’s Wayne Manor. A large feature in comic book movies is license plates/numbers on cars referring to character’s first appearances in the comics and this example doesn’t seem to differ from that. The taxi’s number is '1E63' and Reverse Flash’s first appearance in the comics was in The Flash #163, a coincidence? Or something more?

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(via: Warner Bros. Pictures)

It has been known for a while that Michael Keaton was reprising his role as Batman and having a fairly large role in The Flash and now from the new teaser, we have the first official look at him back in the role. Although it’s only a shot from the back, we also got to hear his voice and the score from the original Batman movie from 1989 so its incredible to see him back in the role.

We also got a huge teaser right at the end where the long-haired Barry is exploring the Batcave and starts to remove the sheet on a car which is of course the original Batmobile from Michael Keaton’s Batman, but the camera cuts off leaving us fans craving to see the OG Batmobile back in action.

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Another thing to note is that Michael Keaton’s voice over – who is presumably talking to Barry Allen – says “you changed the future” and when this is said, a short clip is shown of Batman’s cowl bloodied and on the floor with a batsuit behind it. This could mean anything, but many fans are pointing out the potential death of a Batman whether it is Michael Keaton’s or Ben Affleck’s, we just don’t know. But the batsuit in the shot is Michael Keaton’s as it has his symbol on it so could Keaton be meeting his demise in this movie? We will have to wait and see.

Lastly, we didn’t get to see any footage of Ben Affleck’s Batman, but we did get confirmation on the Chinese edition of DC FanDome - by producer Barbara Muschietti - that Ben Affleck himself will be indeed suiting up in the cape and cowl for the movie, rather than just his stunt double from previous leaks for The Flash. The size of his role is still largely unknown but as the months go by, we will be getting more information of the role that Ben Affleck’s Batman will be playing.

A New Super-Team

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The shot that caused the most question seemed to be the final shot of Barry, long-haired Barry and Supergirl asking someone – presumably Keaton’s Batman – “are you in?” which lets us know that they are assembling some sort of super team. To do what exactly? We don’t actually know since no official villains have been revealed but it’s clear to see there will be some sort of super-team forming and it also gave us the first official look at Sasha Calle’s Supergirl alongside the two Barry’s.

This short teaser was incredibly exciting and only leaves us wanting more! The Flash has just wrapped filming which is great news meaning they’re on track for their November 4, 2022 release date so we can expect an official trailer sometime next year.

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