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The Flash: Director Teases Red Death

Details about the upcoming DCEU movie The Flash have been scarce so far however director Andy Muschietti has been giving fans bits of information on his Instagram page in the form of logo’s. The newest information released from the director is no different as he took to social media to reveal yet another close-up picture which seems to be a lot more subliminal than his previous reveals.

(via: @andy_muschietti on Instagram)

In the picture Muschietti gives us a look at what appears to be the costume of Michael Keaton’s Batman – who is confirmed to be reprising his role as the Dark Knight – with a red and yellow Flash emblem painted over it. The suit and its purpose have broken the internet already with fans speculating and theorizing what this could mean, however the main theory that people have expressed is that it has something to do with the DC character Red Death.

Who is Red Death?

A relatively new character to the DC universe, Red Death hails from Earth -52 and was created by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo with him first appearing in the DC comic Dark Days: The Casting #1 in September 2017. Red Death is notably a member of the Dark Knights – a group of evil alternate versions of Batman – and is a dark mash-up of Batman and the Flash. On Earth -52, Bruce Wayne became traumatized by the death of numerous Robins which caused him to attempt to merge with the Speedforce to try and enhance his crime-fighting career. He was successful in this attempt which caused him to merge with the Flash using his Batmobile and the Cosmic Treadmill (because... comics) and became a murderous rampaging Batman who went onto murder all of his own rogue’s gallery as well as the Flash’s.

Could Red Death really be making an appearance in The Flash? Never say never...

The Flash hits theatres worldwide on November 4 2022.

Do you think Red Death will be making an appearance? If not, what do you think this image is hinting at? Let us know in the comments below.


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