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The Best Starting Points For Reading Batman Comics

With the release of The Batman, the Caped Crusader is in the movie spotlight yet again with incredible reviews pouring in for the newest iteration of the Dark Knight. Many people experiencing this movie will be superhero fans and comic book aficionados, but there is also a large majority that won’t be, yet this movie might be the turning point for fans wanting to dive deep into the world of comic books after seeing The Batman. With this, it can often be confusing and overwhelming as to where to start with specific characters or just franchises in general, but this is why we are here.

Though Batman is possibly the most famous superhero on the planet, not every fan of Batman reads comics, but for the newcomers and beginners, we have done the hard work for you and compiled an essential list of Batman comics that are easily accessible to help you begin your journey into the world of not only Batman comics but DC Comics as a whole.

Batman Year One

(via: DC Comics)

Not only the quintessential origin of the Dark Knight, but also one of the greatest Batman comics ever published, Year One was first published back in 1987 and aimed to redefine the Caped Crusader after the multiverse shattering event, Crisis on Infinite Earths. Written by iconic scribe Frank Miller with art by David Mazzucchelli and colours by Richmond Lewis, Batman Year One focused on grounding the Dark Knight and centred around his first year on the job as the Batman. Also heavily featuring a newly transferred Jim Gordon, the gritty and dark tone of the comic involves Batman taking on corruption within the city of Gotham, the re-introduction of Selina Kyle aka Catwoman and the early days of Batman and Jim Gordon’s relationship.

You can purchase Batman Year One through the links below:

UK - Batman Year One (Physical Copy)

Batman Year One (Digital Copy)

US - Batman Year One (Physical Copy)

Batman Year One (Digital Copy)

Batman New 52

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After the reality altering event called Flashpoint, DC Comics continuity was rebooted to attract new readers and introduce them into more modern renditions of beloved and iconic DC Comics characters. Writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo were tasked with rebooting the Batman title and did a fantastic job at doing so. Focusing on the redevelopment of the Batman character, Snyder and Capullo were able to take small liberties to ensure newer readers didn’t get lost in the confusion which made it the perfect place to start for new readers wanting a modern take on the Batman character.

One of the main attractions of this run was the introduction of the fan-favourite villains the Court of Owls and new readers will be delighted to know that they are introduced within the first volume of the New 52 run meaning the comic series starts of with a bang.

You can purchase the first volume of Batman’s New 52 comic run through the links below:

UK - Batman Vol 1: The Court of Owls (Physical Copy)

Batman Vol 1: The Court of Owls (Digital Copy)

US - Batman Vol 1: The Court of Owls (Physical Copy)

Batman Vol 1: The Court of Owls (Digital Copy)

1940s Batman

(via: DC Comics)

Though not necessary to read, the very first run of Batman comics ever created are certainly entertaining to say the least. Though not full of complex plots and advanced storytelling, the earliest Batman comics are still extremely fun to read. Creators of Batman and the majority of his mythos Bill Finger & Bob Kane were the ones who introduced Batman to the world and many of the earliest concepts featured in the superhero medium can be found within these comics published back in the 1940’s. It is certainly a blast to see the first appearances of many of Batman’s supporting cast too such as Commissioner Gordon, Robin, Joker, Hugo Strange, Penguin and so many more.

You can purchase the first collection of Batman’s Golden Age stories through the links below:

UK - Batman: The Golden Age Vol 2 (Physical Copy)

Batman: The Golden Age Vol 1 (Digital Copy)

US - Batman: The Golden Age Vol 2 (Physical Copy)

Batman: The Golden Age Vol 1 (Digital Copy)

*Vol 1 of the Golden Age collection in paperback form is currently unavailable*

Batman by Dennis O'Neil & Neal Adams

(via: DC Comics)

Back in the 50s and 60s during the Silver Age of comic books, Batman had been reduced to a comedic and campy character whose reputation was not helped by the 60s Batman TV series featuring Adam West. This was all changed in the 1970s however when legendary writer Dennis O’Neil began to pen Batman comics alongside his trusty creative partner, artist Neal Adams. In these stories, O’Neil and Adams transformed Batman from the campy character he had sadly evolved into and took him back to his dark and brooding routes whilst taking him on James Bond-like adventures across the globe.

Introducing Ra’s & Talia Al Ghul and revitalising the Joker and Two-Face are just a few fantastic accomplishments that the creative duo achieved within the Batman mythos, but it will forever be said that the two’s run on Batman during the 70s will forever be one of the most vital reading points within the Dark Knight's history.

You can purchase the first collection of Dennis O’Neil & Neal Adams’ Batman comics through the links below:

UK - Batman by Neal Adams Book One (Physical Copy)

Batman by Neal Adams Book One (Digital Copy)

US - Batman by Neal Adams Book One (Physical Copy)

Batman by Neal Adams Book One (Digital Copy)

Batman The Long Halloween

(via: DC Comics)

One of the greatest stories of all time featuring the Dark Knight, the Long Halloween serves as a captivating murder-mystery within Batman’s early years featuring plenty of iconic Batman rogue’s and the early team-up between Batman, Jim Gordon and a pre-Two-Face Harvey Dent. Writer Jeph Loeb & artist Tim Sale crafted a fantastic story surrounding a murderer dubbed “the Holiday Killer” who commits brutal murders on every holiday date of the year. Batman, Gordon and Dent team up to get to the bottom of why the serial killer is doing this and how they can stop them.

The story involves fantastic development for the character of Harvey Dent and allows the readers to get to know plenty of Gotham’s criminals such as Joker, Poison Ivy, Riddler and Carmine Falcone whilst also experiencing beautiful artwork backed up by a gripping Batman detective story.

You can purchase Batman: The Long Halloween through the links below:

UK - Batman The Long Halloween (Physical Copy)

Batman The Long Halloween (Digital Copy)

US - Batman The Long Halloween (Physical Copy)

Batman The Long Halloween (Digital Copy)

Batman: Hush

(via: DC Comics)

One of the most infamous Batman comics of all time, Batman: Hush is a carefully crafted mystery tale that cuts right to the core of Batman’s identity. Writer Jeph Loeb and legendary comic artist Jim Lee gave DC fans a great modern day Batman story that involved plenty of characters all tied into the mysterious new villain Hush. Featuring characters like Catwoman, Killer Croc, Clayface, Joker, Harley Quinn and even Superman, Batman: Hush is possibly one of the easiest and most enjoyable entry points to Batman comics as a whole.

You can purchase Batman: Hush through the links below:

UK - Batman: Hush (Physical Copy)

Batman: Hush (Digital Copy)

US - Batman: Hush (Physical Copy)

Batman: Hush (Digital Copy)

Batman #125 by Chip Zdarsky & Jorge Jimenez

(via: DC Comics)

This entry is a little bit different from the rest. Batman #125 is set to be released in July 2022 meaning the comic isn’t even out yet, but the reason it’s included is simple. If you want to start reading what Batman is currently doing right now in DC Comics, the newest creative team of writer Chip Zdarsky and artist Jorge Jimenez’s upcoming Batman run is the perfect place to start.

With a solid new writer and an already proven great Batman artist, the upcoming Batman run is the ideal place to start with the current comic book run. Set to also feature Tim Drake’s Robin, the run has promised fantastic adventures and compelling stories that will get new readers used to the monthly comic releases and can potentially act as a gateway into other current comic book runs from not only DC Comics, but potentially other big franchises too.

If you are a beginner looking to get into Batman comics, which comic appeals the most to you? Let us know in the comments below.

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