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The Batman: Deleted Scene Introduced the Riddler's "Friend" a Lot Earlier


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After the explosive opening weekend for The Batman, director Matt Reeves revealed in interviews with IGN & Collider that an earlier scene featuring Barry Keoghan’s character had been cut from the final release of the movie. Keoghan’s character was credited as “Unnamed Arkham Prisoner” within the credits but has now been confirmed by Reeves, to be an early rendition of Batman’s most notorious nemesis, the Joker.

Prior to the movies release, rumours had been coming in hot and heavy regarding Keoghan and the character he would be portraying. With the general consensus being that Keoghan would be portraying GCPD officer Stanley Merkel, this was revealed by Reeves to be a ruse to throw off suspicion on who he would actually be playing.

Keoghan’s Joker only appeared in one scene within the final cut of The Batman in which he consoled Paul Dano’s Riddler, after his defeat at the hands of Robert Pattinson’s Batman, within the neighbouring cell of the notorious Gotham City prison/psychiatric ward, Arkham Asylum. Though we never get a clear look at this version of the Joker, but the identity of the Clown Prince of Crime is made clear by the green-tinted hair, sinister smile and maniacal laugh with the scene ending in both character’s laughing in their respective cells perhaps hinting at a future team-up between the two.

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Now though, Reeves revealed that Keoghan’s Joker was originally meant to appear much earlier in the film in which we saw Pattinson’s Batman and Keoghan’s Joker share a scene together where Batman uses Joker to build a psychological profile on the Riddler and dive into the mind of the psychopathic killer. Though this was ultimately removed from the final cut – due to Reeves feeling it was unnecessary for the bigger narrative of the movie – the director is eager to release the scene for audiences to witness.

Here are two quotes from both interviews Matt Reeves made with IGN and Collider:

“There is a scene that I would love the audience to see that I didn’t put in. Not because anyone asked me to cut it, but because I didn’t think that within the larger narrative it worked, that it was necessary. But it’s a really cool scene with that same unseen prisoner in Arkham. There was an earlier scene where Batman, because he’s getting these cards and letters from the Riddler, and he’s thinking, ‘why is this guy writing to me? I’m supposed to be anonymous and he’s putting a lens on me. I don’t like that,’ and so he goes to kind of profile this kind of serial killer." – Matt Reeves via Collider

"He goes to see another killer that he's clearly had an experience with in these first two years. And this killer in this story is not yet the character that we come to know, right? So everybody's in their infancy. So in the comics, these characters often declare their alter egos in response to the fact that there's a Batman out there. And so here, we have a Joker who's not yet the Joker." Matt Reeves via IGN

The scene appears to echo a similar scene from the infamous Batman comic The Long Halloween, by Jeph Loeb & Tim Sale, which features Batman using and visiting Calendar Man in Arkham Asylum to help solve the mystery of the Holiday Killer.

(via: DC Comics)

It is unknown as to when Matt Reeves plans on releasing this scene but Riddler’s website www.rataalada.com – which was used for lots of Warner Bros. marketing and in the movie itself – currently has a percentage loading which is rumoured to reveal something new from The Batman once it reaches one hundred percent in the coming days so we advise to keep an eye on that!

The Batman is OUT NOW in theatres worldwide.

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