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The Batman: A Dive into the Psyche of Robert Pattinson's Dark Knight

The Batman’s official trailer has arrived thanks to the widely successful DC FanDome event that premiered this past Saturday and OH WOW it did not disappoint! The trailer gave us so much footage of Batman, Riddler, Catwoman, Jim Gordon, Alfred, Penguin and much more, leaving us fans ecstatic for what is to come on March 4th 2022. We didn’t think it was possible for DC to beat the last incredible teaser for The Batman from the previous years DC FanDome but they not only beat it, but took it to a whole new level. From fan reactions across the world, The Batman is potentially on its way to becoming not only the greatest Batman movie of all time, but the greatest comic book movie of all time. A bold prediction? Maybe. But watch this space…

Before we continue, check out the trailer for The Batman if you haven’t seen it already: THE BATMAN – Main Trailer - YouTube

The Most Grounded Batman to Date?

(via: Warner Bros. Pictures)

The main standout from the trailer seems to be the raw emotion and drive of Robert Pattinson’s Batman and its easy to see why. Director Matt Reeves has stated on a few occasions that this movie will put a lot of emphasis on grounding Batman in a way we haven’t seen before without the need for the full origin story.

Pattinson’s Batman is one year and six months into his caped crusade meaning that he’s not a rookie, but it is still early days for him and he hasn’t found the balance of his dual life as of yet. Certain leaks - which appear to be true thanks to what was shown in the trailer - gave us the information that Bruce Wayne is pretty much consumed by being Batman and doesn’t make much time for being Bruce.

(via: Warner Bros. Pictures)

The impression is that Bruce doesn’t want to be Bruce at all, he barely gets any sleep and in his journal from the behind-the-scenes footage – shown before the official trailer – he states that “These nights all roll together in a rush. Behind the mark. Sometimes in the morning I have to push myself to remember everything that happened” further cementing that Batman is so dedicated to his crusade that he won’t stop at anything to achieve his goal.

The plot behind the film involving Riddler is clearly pushing this Batman to his absolute limits which leaves his closest companion Alfred – played by Andy Serkis – to become concerned with Bruce’s antics but yet another entry into the psyche of Pattinson’s Batman has Bruce’s response to this concern being “I don’t care what happens to me”.

This is heroic yet damaged, as we can clearly see how vengeful and angry this Batman is by saying that he isn’t bothered about his own safety and constantly puts himself in the line of fire but he ultimately wants to do the right thing. The raw emotion is chilling, the way he brutalizes criminals – but doesn’t kill them, remember that! – reveals he means business, the element of striking fear into the criminals of Gotham is how he channels this anger proved by his line “It’s not just a call, it’s a warning” from the trailer, referring to the Bat-signal. This line really hits home as it implies that he wants criminals to know that when that light shines in the sky, beware…

(via: Warner Bros. Pictures)

Although there is anger, rage and vengeance, this doesn’t mean our Batman won’t be heroic. He cares deeply about protecting his city and it will be extremely interesting to see the character growth of Pattinson’s Batman in his trilogy of movies and hopefully even more projects.

With Matt Reeves mentioning iconic Batman stories like Batman: Ego, Batman: Year One and Batman: The Long Halloween serving as the inspiration for this take on Batman as a character, its clear to see that Pattinson’s Batman will be going on a compelling psychological journey throughout his series of Batman movies and shows to come.

The Batman hits theatres worldwide on March 4, 2022.

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