• Jake Wright

The Batman: 5 Villains We'd Love to See in The Sequels

Though The Batman will be releasing on March 4 of this year, a special screening of the movie was shown in London last night with the whole cast attending minus Colin Farrell (Oswald Cobblepot/Penguin). Actors Robert Pattinson (Bruce Wayne/Batman), Zoë Kravitz (Selina Kyle/Catwoman), Paul Dano (Edward Nashton/Riddler) and Jeffrey Wright (Lt. James Gordon) were all in attendance at last night’s event, but it was what director Matt Reeves revealed in a short interview that got the internet talking.

Reeves confirmed that sequel is being talked about meaning the project will be in very early development, and with the use of the Riddler in the first movie in the supposed trilogy of Batman movies directed by Reeves, here are five villains we think would make a great adversary for Robert Pattinson’s Batman in the sequel movie.


(via: DC Comics)

Though it seems that Matt Reeves wants to make his Batman world as grounded as possible, Reeves is also a well-known horror director too. Bringing more fantasy elements from the comics could be done with the use of Clayface by Reeves implementing some of his directive talents and leaning towards depicting Clayface’s character as a horror-like villain.

With the ability to shape and mould himself into anything, Clayface would cause Pattinson’s Batman some real problems by masquerading as his closest allies and giving him his most physical challenge yet. Combating a huge monster-like figure will be tough and could lead to Batman developing some new gadgets to take him down.

Victor Zsasz

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Not the most famous Batman rogue, Victor Zsasz is simply put a psychotic serial killer with no regard for human life. He follows a strong belief that life is meaningless and in his mind, killing people “sets them free”. Zsasz’s killing sprees are horrific as he mostly kills at random, meaning there is often little to no pattern to follow in order to track him down and after every person he kills, he cuts a tally into himself leaving him with hundreds of scars across his body. Just think about the problem’s this would cause Batman, with random kills Batman would constantly be on the tail of Zsasz with no solid lead and would cause serious tension throughout the entirety of the film.

Zsasz has already appeared in live action featuring in a small role within Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins movie and making more appearances in the Gotham TV series. Even if he wouldn’t be the main villain, it would be incredible to see Zsasz fit into Matt Reeves’ grim and gritty Batman world.

Mr Freeze

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One of the most highly requested villains for The Batman trilogy, Mr Freeze could be the perfect balance between fantasy and realistic. Going for the grounded approach for The Batman makes perfect sense with the story taking place in Batman’s early years, but as time goes on it would be great to see the more fantastical rogues being introduced into Matt Reeves’ Batman universe.

Mr Freeze would be a fantastic antagonist to Robert Pattinson’s Batman and could be given plenty of realistic aspects. Yes, a guy in a giant ice suit with a freeze gun is not the most realistic of villains, but what can ground him heavily is his sympathetic story. Doing everything in his power to save his dying wife, Victor Fries is transformed by a freak accident to which he is unable to survive outside of sub-zero temperatures. His decision to take to a life of crime obviously causes him and Batman to have many different confrontations with Batman often feeling sympathy for Mr Freeze but knowing he cannot let him get away with his actions.

The addition of Mr Freeze would bring a highly emotional depth to the story and enable Mr Freeze to be redeemed in live-action after Arnold Schwarzenegger’s less-than-forgettable portrayal of the character in 1997’s Batman & Robin movie.

Hugo Strange

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Never appearing in a live-action movie so far, Hugo Strange would be a welcomed addition to Batman’s rogues within Matt Reeves’ Batman movies. A psychologist with a genius level intellect, Hugo Strange is one of the very few people to deduce Batman’s identity. Using this as a tool against the Dark Knight Detective throughout a movie would cause for a captivating tale and provide aspects of a Batman story we haven’t ever seen.

Perfectly portrayed in Rocksteady StudiosBatman: Arkham City, the addition of Strange could lead to a true psychological dive into the mind of Robert Pattinson’s Batman with Strange being a well-renowned psychologist himself. The interesting aspect of Strange is the overwhelming obsession he has with the Batman often dressing up when alone as Batman to truly delve into the mind of the Caped Crusader.

Using Hugo Strange as a villain for The Batman sequels would do tons of good for the popularity of the character and would certainly spread the word of another great Batman villain amongst the casual audience.


(via: DC Comics)

Possibly THE most requested villain for The Batman universe, Jonathan Crane aka Scarecrow could be used as the true terror that hardcore DC Comics fans know him as. Scarecrow’s addition could be used to transition a Batman movie into a psychological horror movie as that would be most fitting for the character’s capabilities. Using his infamous fear gas could cause some horrific hallucinations for not only Batman, but his supporting cast too and would unnerve the audience to show what a true menace the Master of Fear really is.

Having already seen Scarecrow appear in live-action within Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins, we only got a slight glimpse of what Scarecrow is capable of in live-action but give him centre stage as the main villain, and it will truly let the audience know that the Prince of Panic is not to be messed with.

Which Batman villain would you like to see in Matt ReevesThe Batman universe? Let us know in the comments below.