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Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League: Playable Character Wishlist

It’s fair to say to that us DC fans are eating well at the minute and it’s about time too! There are many upcoming projects from DC that have generated endless amounts of hype but one that sticks out to us is Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League which is Rocksteady’s newest entry into the DC landscape.

Announced way back in August 2020 at DC Fandome, Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League (which we will be referring to as SSKTJL from on) is an upcoming action-adventure game and it is the latest addition to the Batman Arkham universe as many of you will be familiar with. This means that it takes place in the same universe as Batman: Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, Arkham Origins and Arkham Knight. Rocksteady built their reputation on crafting a dynamic Batman gaming universe with their Arkham games so it’s safe to say that the Suicide Squad are in safe hands.

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When the news broke, so did the internet. Endless hype was generated and rightly so as not only are Rocksteady back with another entry into the Arkham-verse but we are actually getting a Suicide Squad game! However, many fans immediately began theorizing about which Squad members we’d be able to play as.

We already have our four confirmed main characters which are Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang and King Shark but with so much potential for even more characters to be announced and DLC expansion packs hopefully being added later down the line, we are sure that they won’t be the only members of the Arkham-verse Suicide Squad.

Join us now as we dive into who we would love to see as playable character’s in SSKTJL.


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There isn’t a more perfect time to talk about the interesting yet underrated Superman villain than now! Bloodsport is one of the newest members of the Suicide Squad in both the movies and the comics and he would be an incredibly welcomed addition to SSKTJL. Robert DuBois is mostly known as being a C-list Superman villain however his popularity has seemingly shot up since the revelation that Idris Elba would be portraying the villain in James Gunn’s ‘The Suicide Squad’. Bloodsport is an expert marksman, fantastic hand-to-hand combatant and possesses a weapons teleporter, meaning he can teleport any gun into his hands in an instant (thanks to Lex Luthor).

Imagine the possibilities that us players could have playing as a character able to have a full arsenal of guns at his disposal in an instant! Considering we will be having to take down Brainiac-controlled Justice League members with a certain red caped hero leading them, we think Bloodsport would be perfect for taking down Superman as he could have access to Kryptonite bullets which evens the odds tremendously when fighting the Man Of Steel.

Although we already have a gun wielding member of the Squad in Deadshot, having someone with ties to Lex Luthor and Kryptonite bullets lends a hand when attempting to take out the most powerful member of the League.


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Barbara Minerva could be a great addition and be one of the only Suicide Squad members to be purely melee focused combat. Many of the members have some sort of projectile weapon whether it’s guns or boomerangs but having Cheetah as a playable character could mix combat gameplay up even more by utilizing her razor-sharp fangs and claws. Not only would she be perfect for taking on Wonder Woman but she can also prove as a formidable opponent for Flash as well, with players utilizing her vast super human speed to their advantage in not just combat, but also traversing throughout the city of Metropolis.

Black Manta

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One of our favourite DC villains of all time! Black Manta would be a hugely welcomed addition and a perfect adversary for Aquaman. Players could utilize his high-tech suit and gadgets whilst being spoilt for choice with weaponry to take down the King of Atlantis. With swords, laser beams, blades and harpoon’s, Black Manta could be one of the most versatile characters in the whole game and could also even add underwater gameplay elements which would be unlike anything we’ve seen before in the Arkham-verse. Black Manta has been a member of the Suicide Squad in the New 52 line of DC comics so he has already been an established member of the Squad meaning that this could only boost the potential for him to make an appearance at least.

Killer Frost

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One of the highlights of the Arkham series was the boss battle with Mr. Freeze in Arkham City, so why not build on that by having us players use some ice powers to be on the opposite end of a similar battle? Caitlin Snow is often associated with the Suicide Squad and adding her to the game would be a really nice addition considering her powerset. As SSKTJL is an open-world, action/adventure shooter it could mean that we could utilize Killer Frost’s awesome attacks such as ice spikes and ice storms whilst mixing that with some awesome stealth gameplay by potentially using her ice kiss to freeze whoever opposes her. Now that sounds great!


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Who else right? Deathstroke is one of the most popular comic book villains of all time (or anti-hero, depending on who you ask) and has already appeared twice in the Arkham series already, showing up in Batman: Arkham Origins and Batman: Arkham Knight. We believe he is the most requested character to appear in the game and this is no surprise! We already got a taste of what it’s like to play as DC’s deadliest assassin in a DLC expansion pack for Batman: Arkham Origins and it certainly left fans craving more.

Playing as Slade Wilson would be extremely fun as not only would he provide awesome melee combat with his double swords but also bring great gunplay with his marksmanship too. He is a perfect fit for the game and could provide us with a breath-taking boss battle with Batman.

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League releases worldwide in 2023.

Which characters would you like to see feature in the game? Let us know in the comments below.


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