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Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League: Everything we Know So Far

The continuation of the highly regarded Arkham-verse is upon us and we can’t wait! DC FanDome gave us the official story trailer for Rocksteady’s newest entry into the Arkham series of games, Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League and it looks absolutely fantastic. Incredible graphics, awesome characters and the developer’s outstanding reputation, Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League (SSKTJL as we will be referring to from now on) is the perfect recipe for a successful DC video game.

So, without further ado let's dive into everything we know so far about the upcoming Suicide Squad game so far.

Before we advance, check out the official trailer right here: Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Official Story Trailer – “Ticking” - YouTube

Playable Characters

Branded as a single player/co-op action/adventure and open world game which is a hybrid of previous Arkham games alongside some “powerful, awesome gunplay”, SSKTJL has 4 confirmed playable characters for the game so far.

(via: Rocksteady Studios)

Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang and King Shark will all be playable with each of them having their own unique style of gameplay. We are yet to see if there will be newly added playable characters later down the line however knowing Rocksteady, they may well add new DLC characters later down the line.

Main Story

As you can probably tell, the Suicide Squad are tasked by Amanda Waller to kill the Justice League. Why? Well, it appears to be that the Justice League have been corrupted by the super intelligent, intergalactic collector of worlds, Brainiac and they need stopping. We know that the game is set in Superman’s city of Metropolis with Rocksteady’s creative director Sefton Hill referring to Metropolis as the “fifth character” of the game and us as the Suicide Squad will be sent into the Brainiac-invaded Metropolis to stop the Justice League. Much else isn’t known, however it appears that there is going to be huge boss fights and mass destruction throughout the entirety of the stories.

The Justice League

After many years of strictly Batman focused Arkham series games, we now know the official members of the Justice League in the Arkham universe. The confirmed members of the Justice League who are appearing are Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern (John Stewart) and the Flash (Barry Allen).

It also seems like the iconic Hall of Justice will be a prominent feature as well with our Suicide Squad seemingly breaking in to equip themselves with more suitable weapons to help take on the mighty Justice League.

*Editor's Note: You can check out the official gameplay trailer for the game right here - Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League Official Gameplay Trailer - "Flash and Burn" | DC - Youtube*


(via: Rocksteady Studios)

Wonder Woman

(via: Rocksteady Studios)

Green Lantern

(via: Rocksteady Studios)

The Flash

(via: Rocksteady Studios)

No Batman?

Those familiar with the last edition of Arkham-verse games from RocksteadyBatman: Arkham Knight – will know that the game ended with the “death” of Bruce Wayne. To this day the topic is still heavily debated whether he died, faked his death, or took on a new form thanks to Scarecrow’s fear toxin but there are numerous hints to Batman in the official trailer of the game. DC fans know that there can’t be a Justice League without Batman and although we don’t know of his true fate at the end of Batman: Arkham Knight, we can confirm indeed that Batman was (and maybe still is) a member of the Justice League as seen from his statue in the Hall of Justice.

We see a quick glimpse of a part of Batman’s statue sporting his suit from Batman: Arkham Knight indeed confirming that although we don’t know if he will be appearing in the game, Batman was indeed a member of the Arkham-verse Justice League.

(via: Rocksteady Studios)


We imagine that the Justice League will be taking up the majority of the boss battles considering the mission, however our Suicide Squad may have some help. In the official trailer it is clear to see that most of our Justice League members are being controlled yet Wonder Woman is the only hero who isn’t under control. Superman, Green Lantern and Flash all have visual cues that tell us they’re not their complete selves as we see that they have purple veins on their face along with purple eyes as well but every time we see Wonder Woman, she doesn’t have any of these effects.

Although we are more than likely going to be battling against Wonder Woman at some point – if she is under control from Brainiac or not – it appears she will be aiding us too with one of the main clips of the trailer showing Wonder Woman and Superman going head-to-head in a brutal battle (shown on the Wonder Woman image above).

(via: Rocksteady Studios)

The villain behind the whole game’s plot is going to be Brainiac who we are yet to see. It is his recognizable ship that we see hovering over Metropolis throughout the game and him who sends out alien creatures onto the streets as well. It is more than likely that he will be attempting to shrink the city of Metropolis and bottle it up to store on his ship like he is so notorious for doing in the comics and with him having the Justice League all under control, he will have a much better chance at achieving this goal.

If we were to guess, we’d say that the final boss battle may have our Suicide Squad teaming up with the Justice League to stop Brainiac’s invasion and that would be so awesome to experience.

Other Characters

(via: Rocksteady Studios)

Amanda Waller will of course be featuring heavily throughout this game and the Task Force X aka Suicide Squad leader seems to be sporting more of her New 52 look instead of her more traditional appearance. We also get a look at another DC character added to the Arkham-verse and that is Gizmo. Gizmo is most notably a Teen Titans villain and also part of the supervillain group the Fearsome Five, he is a gadget-based criminal who is known for his incredible ability to make machinery perform an almost endless variety of tasks. In his hands he can make anything into a weapon which will come in handy for the Suicide Squad during the game as it appears he will be helping out the Squad modify their own gadgets and gadgets that they will be acquiring throughout the game.

(via: Rocksteady Studios)

We also get a hint of a possible returning character who has close ties to Harley Quinn and that is Poison Ivy. In her previous appearance in Batman: Arkham Knight she made a heroic sacrifice to rid Gotham of Scarecrow’s fear toxin but if players visited her last known location after completing the game, they would have seen a small plan growing from a pot. Did Ivy survive? It appears so as in the trailer we get a clip of humongous vines sprouting from the ground and grabbing onto the Suicide Squad. Now, there aren’t many other DC character’s who have the ability to do that!

(via: Rocksteady Studios)

A confirmed returnee is showed to us in a hilarious clip right at the end of the official trailer for SSKTJL as we get to see the Penguin returning to the world of the Arkham-verse with him looking visibly older. Although we don’t know his exact role for the game or why he is Metropolis, it’s great to see some returning characters from previous Arkham games.

(via: Rocksteady Studios)

Will there be more supporting characters showing up? Knowing Rocksteady’s incredible world- building, the answer will most likely be yes and we may have an idea as to who. We believe Lex Luthor himself could be making an appearance and maybe even playing a decent sized role throughout the story too. We see his company LexCorp’s logo many times during the official trailer and even experience the Suicide Squad ending up in one of LexCorp’s laboratories.

Could we really see one of the most iconic supervillains in comics appear in this game? Well, considering the game is also set in the city he lives in, we wouldn’t be surprised if Lex Luthor made at least and appearance.

(via: Rocksteady Studios)

Another character who could be appearing is Zatanna. Due to her magic show being advertised all around Metropolis, we could get to see the loveable magician show up at some point. Zatanna is someone who has been leaked for this game for a while now and in multiple leaks she is supposedly an official member of the Justice League so Rocksteady may still have a few aces up their sleeves regarding the Justice League members.

(via: Rocksteady Studios)

Release Date

SSKTJL is set to release sometime in 2022, an exact date however is still unknown but we imagine it will be officially announced sometime in the near future. Unlike fellow DC game Gotham Knights, SSKTJL wasn’t actually delayed meaning we could expect the release date to be sometime near the summer of 2022.

*Editors Note: Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League has been delayed until 2023*

We cannot wait to experience this new DC game and we are excited to see how the story plays out, the awesome gameplay and all the Easter eggs and references to the wider DC universe.

Will you be picking the game up? Which character will be your main? Let us know in the comments below


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