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Peacemaker: Behind-the-Scenes Picture Reveals Batman & Cyborg Were Cut From the Finale

Season one of Peacemaker has come to a close and after a monumental finale that had everyone talking, some key information has come to light surrounding two Justice League members within the DCEU.

With John Cena’s Peacemaker cracking joke after joke regarding superheroes from the wider DCEU including Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash and more, fans had some sort of inclination that one or two heroes may show up towards and have something to say to Peacemaker at the end of the series.


From Aquaman fornicating with fish to mocking Batman’s “no kill” rule, it seemed that Peacemaker was calling out all of DC’s major heroes, but even with the endless jokes Peacemaker had a compelling story with fantastic character arcs that has led to the series being renewed for a second season.

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The constant mockery of the Justice League eventually paid off due to a major moment at the end of the finale episode when the actual superhero team appeared after the gruesome final battle. Jason Momoa’s Aquaman and Ezra Miller’s Flash even got to share a hilarious character beat together which pleased many DC Comics fans across the globe.

However, though the appearance of the Justice League was incredibly exciting for viewers, they noticed that two key members of the League were not present at all.

Where Were Batman & Cyborg?

Actor/stunt double Matt Turner posted an interesting picture not long after Peacemaker’s finale aired as it showed him wearing Ben Affleck’s Batman suit indicating that he shot a scene suited up in the cape and cowl, presumably alongside the League.

(via: @tunaphish09 on Instagram)

Turner also confirmed he was set to appear alongside fellow superhero Cyborg, previously played by Ray Fisher, but stated only Peacemaker director James Gunn and Warner Bros. themselves know why they both had to be cut from the finale saying:

“After that epic #peacemaker finale I can finally post this. Sadly I (& Cyborg) were cut from the final edit. Why? Only James Gunn & Warner Bros. know that. While it’s disappointing to be scrubbed out, this was still a blast, and a dream come true to wear the suit!!! Big thanks to everyone involved!!”

So, Why Were They Cut?

Director of the series James Gunn had an interview with Variety right after the finale had aired and was asked about why Batman and Cyborg had been cut from the finale. He answered:

“You know, I don’t know what I can — there are reasons for it, but I’m actually uncertain whether I can say what those reasons are. It might have to do with future stuff.”

The many ongoings and behind-the-scenes problems of Warner Bros. Studios and their DCEU world are public knowledge with the Ray Fisher debacle that is still on going and Ben Affleck stating that The Flash, releasing November 17, will be his final appearance as Batman being big reasons as to why these characters did not appear.

But Gunn teasing that this may have something to do with “future stuff” seemingly points towards Michael Keaton reprising his role as Batman, in The Flash and Batgirl, and taking over as the main Batman within DC’s interconnected movie universe. Using Batman within the Peacemaker finale could cause confusion amongst fans, so it is understandable as to why Warner Bros. pulled the plug on this cameo.

As for Cyborg, the future of the character within the DCEU is uncertain as of yet with the public falling out between actor Ray Fisher and Warner Bros. causing the former to be removed entirely from The Flash movie in which he was set to play a big role. Could he see Cyborg return to the DCEU in the future? More than likely, but will it be Ray Fisher portraying the character once again? We wouldn’t be so sure.

Every episode of Peacemaker season one is now streaming on HBO Max and is set to be released in the UK very soon

What did you think of the Justice League reveal? Would you have liked to have seen Batman & Cyborg appear? Let us know in the comments down below


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