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Michael Keaton Joins the Cast of 'Batgirl'

Michael Keaton is now confirmed to be starring as Bruce Wayne/Batman in the upcoming HBO MAX movie Batgirl, thanks to a leaked Warner Bros preview press release that was released yesterday revealing the main cast members for both Batgirl and The Flash. The news was later confirmed to be 100% true by The Wrap as they exclusively announced this casting on their site which got many DC fans talking.

Michael Keaton will first suit up as Batman in the upcoming DC movie The Flash, which releases on November 4th 2022, before donning the cape and cowl once again to star alongside Leslie Grace as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, J.K Simmons as Commissioner Jim Gordon and Brendan Fraser as Garfield Lyns/Firefly in Batgirl.

Keaton’s first appearance as the Dark Knight was in the 1989 blockbuster movie Batman, directed by Tim Burton, which proved to be a financial and critical success which many say paved the way for all future movies set within the superhero genre. He then appeared in the sequel Batman Returns, released in 1992 and directed by Tim Burton once again, but quit the role after the development of a third movie in the franchise fell through.

(via: Warner Bros. Pictures)

Will Keaton Become the Main Universe Batman?

Many signs point to the answer being yes, however the current state of the DC Extended Universe’s timeline is still completely unknown with many fans pointing to The Flash to straighten everything out. In this movie, Ezra Miller’s Flash is set to alter the timeline of the DCEU in some capacity which may lead Keaton’s Batman to enter the newly reset DC timeline. Confused yet? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

This reveal has been met with mixed reception however Keaton’s return as Batman may pit him in more of a mentor role to provide younger, less experienced heroes such as Leslie Grace’s Batgirl with the ultimate guide to superhero-ing. Although this idea does sound great, it would mean that we may not have an active Batman within the new timeline for DC’s Extended Universe which many fans will argue is essential for a successful DC movie universe.

Keaton’s return as an older Bruce Wayne/Batman certainly opens the door for the highly requested Batman Beyond movie that could feature Keaton’s Batman taking a young Terry McGinnis under his wing as well and guiding him to become the next Dark Knight for the future.

Batman Beyond Fan Art (via: @get2dachopra on Instagram)

Whether Keaton will be suiting up to fight alongside Leslie Grace’s Batgirl or just acting as a mentor/guide is still unknown but hopefully The Flash will give fans a good idea as to what we can expect from the future of not only Keaton’s Batman, but the future of the DCEU too.

What are your thoughts on Keaton being the DCEU Batman from now on? Would you like to see a Batman Beyond movie? Let us know in the comments below.


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