• Jake Wright

NEW Marvel Legends Spider-Man 60th Anniversary 2 Pack - Silk & Doctor Octopus Available to Pre-Order

Hasbro have revealed a brand new 2 pack featuring Silk & Doctor Octopus specifically for Spider-Man's 60th anniversary. The new Doctor Octopus action figure features an alternate head and swappable hands, his iconic tentacles and deco inspired by his classic look. Silk features alternate heads and hand accessories as well as being sculpted on the new female body mould first seen on Marvel's Shriek.

This Amazon Exclusive 2-Pack is now available to pre-order online and will be releasing in October 2022. You can pre-order the Marvel Legends 2 Pack using the links below:

Spider-Man 60th Anniversary Marvel's Silk & Doctor Octopus 2 Pack

UK - Amazon

US - Amazon

Will you be picking up this new Spider-Man themed 2 pack? Which other characters would you like to see receive figures for the 60th anniversary of Spider-Man? Let us know in the comments below.

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