• Jake Wright

Charlize Theron To Produce Live-Action Aqualad Series For HBO Max

(via: DC Comics)

DC Comics’ underwater kingdom of Atlantis is expanding to HBO Max. However, it’s not Aquaman who will be on the receiving end of a new project (yet…), but rather one of his infamous protégé’s Jackson Hyde aka Aqualad.

According to Deadline, Charlize Theron is set to be executive producing a new live-action Aqualad series which will adapt the Young Adult Graphic Novel You Brought Me The Ocean by Alex Sanchez & Julie Maroh. This out-of-continuity graphic novel focuses on Jackson Hyde’s version of Aqualad in a reworking of his origin story.

Jackson Hyde is a gay, young superhero who is the illegitimate son of Aquaman’s arch foe Black Manta. He has been a huge part of teams such as Young Justice, the Teen Titans, the JLQ and now is set to be a part of the new Justice League team taking over after Dark Crisis.

It is currently unknown if the new Aqualad series will tie into the DCEU & Jason Momoa’s live-action Aquaman mythos but there have been numerous rumours circulating about the appearance of Aqualad within James Wan’s upcoming Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom movie. With Yahya Abdul-Mateen II reprising his role as Black Manta within the forthcoming movie, the foundation for the appearance of his son is already available to build on making it highly likely we will see Aqualad very soon within the DCEU.

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