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Legendary Writer Roy Thomas Returns to Marvel With X-MEN LEGENDS #1

Marvel have officially announced the return of one of their most iconic creators of all time, Roy Thomas, to the X-Men. The X-Men Legends comic series centres around legendary creators of previous X-Men comics to return to produce stories set within their respective runs. This issue sees Marvel pioneer Roy Thomas returning to pen a new tale about his infamous co-creation, Wolverine.

The scribe behind some of the X-Men’s best Silver Age content will set his tale between his final X-Men issue but before the game-changing Giant Size X-Men #1 and will be teaming up with artist Dave Wachter.

Main Cover (via: Marvel Entertainment)

The story will revolve around Wolverine’s government missions before he was recruited by Professor X in the aforementioned Giant Size X-Men #1 and will include more details and insight into his battle with the Incredible Hulk from his memorable first appearances in Incredible Hulk #181-#182. The story will also feature fan-favourite X-Man Beast and a whole other load of merry mutants whilst also diving into the secrets behind Wolverine’s iconic costume.

Dan Jurgens Variant Cover (via: Marvel Entertainment)

Roy Thomas had this to say to Marvel.com about his return:

“You could've knocked me over with one of the Angel's wing-feathers when editor Mark Basso invited me to scribe a two-part X-MEN LEGENDS story set back in the general period of the X-Men book during the period when I was originally writing it (as Stan Lee’s successor) in the latter 1960s. After some thought, it occurred to me that what would really be fun would be to write a story that took place right after the crashing of Wolverine into the Marvel Universe in ‘1974’—since, after conceiving the character in broad outline (and some specifics), I turned him over to the considerable writing skills of Len Wein, but have long kinda wished that I had scripted that story myself. This is the closest I'm gonna get—so I'm having a ball with it! (Artwork's pretty great, too!)”

Niko Henrichon Variant Cover (via: Marvel Entertainment)

X-Men Legends #1 hits comic shelves on May 5 2022

Will you be picking up this comic? Are you excited for Roy Thomas’ return? Let us know in the comments down below.


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