• Jake Wright

Killer Moth Confirmed to Be Appearing in DCEU Batgirl Movie

(via: DC Comics)

A recent IMBD listing for the upcoming Batgirl movie has revealed that stunt performer Matt Da Silva has been credited as the stuntman for Batgirl/Batman villain, Killer Moth.

We already know that Leslie Grace’s Batgirl/Barbara Gordon will be taking on Brendan Fraser’s Firefly thanks to announcements and set photos from the Batgirl movie. But now the addition of Killer Moth to the movie gives our DCEU Batgirl another rogue to take down in her first live-action solo project.

The addition of Killer Moth to Batgirl falls in line with the Batgirl: Year One comic book storyline that directors Bilal Fallah & Adil El Arbi are heavily pulling from since the story, written by Scott Beatty & Chuck Dixon with art by Marcos Martin and colours by Javier Rodriguez, features both Firefly & Killer Moth as the villains with Batgirl teaming up alongside Batman & Robin to take them down. With Firefly already confirmed to feature, we also have Michael Keaton’s Batman taking over as the main DCEU Batman and starring in the movie & Robin heavily rumoured to be debuting in the movie too. Now that Killer Moth has been confirmed via IMDB, the directors’ Batgirl: Year One vision is all coming together nicely.

(via: DC Comics)

The only information unknown regarding this confirmation is the actual actor portraying the villain. Though we know that Matt Da Silva is performing the stunts for the obscure villain, the man behind the Moth mask is still unknown. One interesting point to note is that actor Jacob Scipio’s (Bad Boys for Life) already casted role within Batgirl is being closely guarded. Could this mean that Scipio is playing Killer Moth? We are sure to find out soon enough.

Who is Killer Moth?

Real name Drury Walker, Killer Moth has mostly been depicted as a joke-like villain within Gotham City but has also posed a serious threat on several occasions. Killer Moth is a skilled gymnast who is equipped with numerous gadgets such as his cocoon gun, which fires a gooey like substance to trap anyone caught in it. He also designed his Moth suit as a symbol similar to Batman’s but instead of trying to strike fear, his costume is out of a desire for attention and respect from the Gotham City criminal community.

Though he was created by Bill Finger, Dick Sprang & Lew Schwartz and first appeared in Batman #63 (1951), Killer Moth - alongside Firefly - is canonically the first costumed villain that Barbara Gordon took down as Batgirl meaning the inclusion of him within the Batgirl solo film certainly makes sense.

Though largely unknown to the general audience, Killer Moth has in fact appeared in many mainstream DC Comics media such as the Batman 1966 series, the Teen Titans animated tv show, the Batman: Assault on Arkham animated movie and the popular 2017 feature film The Lego Batman Movie.

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