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Gotham Knights: 5 Alternate Red Hood Suits We Want to See

Thanks to Warner Bros. Montreal finally announcing that Gotham Knights will be releasing on October 25 of this year, the hype for the Gotham Knights game has risen once again. Fans online have been discussing everything from who they’re most looking forward to playing as to what they’d like to see from the story creating endless amounts of buzz for DC Comics' next blockbuster video game.

With four playable characters, Gotham Knights has plenty of room for a variety of customization. How the gear system works is that each playable character can unlock alternate suits, with each suit for Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood & Robin featuring customizable accessories.

This enables players to utilise cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing looks for characters as they can give the Knights their favourite costumes with both new original designs and iconic comic book outfits too.

With the release date announcement for the upcoming DC Comics video game, we wanted to take the opportunity to share five alternate suits we’d love to see for Jason Todd aka Red Hood for the Gotham Knights game.


(via: DC Comics)

One of the most unique looks for Jason Todd, this outfit has a convoluted history. Appearing first in the legendary storyline Batman: Hush, this look appeared before Jason Todd had officially been resurrected. It was used by the villain Hush to throw off Batman by using Clayface to impersonate the then deceased Jason Todd. The outfit features the same body armour and trench coat that Hush wore throughout the story but added the domino mask to resemble Jason Todd’s time as Robin.

Later revealed to be Todd, resurrected from the dead, he was revealed to have helped Hush toy with Batman’s head but ultimately switched places with Clayface to throw Batman off his trail.

The inclusion of this suit would be an extremely different look for Jason Todd than fans are used to, but it would certainly be unique enough to capture gamers attentions. Whether or not Hush himself is actually included within the game, Jason rocking this alternate suit would be a welcomed addition to Gotham Knights.


(via: DC Comics)

After Curran Walters’ popular portrayal of Gotham’s favourite anti-hero, this would certainly be a popular addition to the game. An eye-catching spin on Jason’s DC Rebirth costume, this rendition features a literal red hood to go with his iconic mask. Titans costume designer, Laura Jean Shannon, made sure to craft this suit to be simple yet badass with the inclusion of the slick leather jacket most Red Hood fans know and love, cargos filled with badass weaponry and a subtle red bat-symbol on his body armour.

Adding this into the game would be an exciting addition as we’d get to see a hooded Red Hood with a sleek new look based on Curran Walter’s appearance from Titans Season three.

Task Force Z

(via: DC Comics)

Jason Todd’s current look in the comics is arguably one of his best. Leading a team of undead villains who have been turned into zombie-like beings thanks to Lazarus Resin, Jason is the forefront of Task Force Z sporting an awesome armoured costume. Armed with two electric charged crowbars, Jason’s look was gifted to him by Batman after declaring that he will be giving up guns for good. The red & grey look with the Z’s painted on the shoulder make the outfit pop and easily cement this costume as one our favourite Jason Todd looks.

Using this look as an alternate skin would be a simple addition as although Red Hood uses guns with non-lethal bullets within Gotham Knights, the easy addition of two pistols to this suit would prove to be effective and wouldn’t hinder any part of this look within the game.


(via: DC Comics)

Debuting in recent years during Scott Lobdell's Red Hood & the Outlaws-turned-Red Hood: Outlaw comic book run, this suit was unlike anything we’d ever seen from a Red Hood look. Cast out by Batman at the time and separated from his Outlaws team, Jason drastically changed his look by ditching the full-face mask, sporting a sleeveless red hoodie, and arming himself with a crowbar and sword.

Certainly a less protected rendition of Jason’s usual costume, the Outlaw look revitalised the Red Hood attire that truly embraced the edgy side of Jason’s personality. Using this as an alternate suit within Gotham Knights would make provide a distinctive character design for the loveable anti-hero and could potentially be a fans favourite amongst DC gamers.

Three Jokers

(via: DC Comics)

Possibly one of Jason’s best looks as Red Hood, the Three Jokers costume is the perfect blend of homage to his days as Robin and embracing his vigilante path as the Red Hood. Much darker in colour, the black leather jacket perfectly mixes with the red tunic and subtle “R” belt arguably making this costume the most aesthetically pleasing of all Jason’s attires.

Another bonus to this suit is the helmet customization that could be utilized with a fantastic looking helmet - including delicate details round the eyes - used for one look, and the choice to remove the helmet and simply sport the domino mask with another. If this look were to be added to the Gotham Knights game, I for one would certainly be using this outfit as my main Red Hood look.

Gotham Knights stars Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin & Red Hood as playable characters in the wake of Batman’s supposed death. Now taking full responsibility for watching over Gotham City, the Knights will duke it out with numerous Batman villains such as Mr Freeze, Penguin & many more whilst also facing off against the mysterious Court of Owls, a secret underground society with ties and conspiracies that span across all of Gotham’s elite families.

Which Red Hood suits would you like to see feature in Gotham Knights? Let us know in the comments below.

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