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Gotham Knights: 5 Alternate Batgirl Suits We Want to See

Thanks to Warner Bros. Montreal finally announcing that Gotham Knights will be releasing on October 25 of this year, the hype for the Gotham Knights game has risen once again. Fans online have been discussing everything from who they’re most looking forward to playing as to what they’d like to see from the story creating endless amounts of buzz for DC Comics' next blockbuster video game.

With four playable characters, Gotham Knights has plenty of room for a variety of customization. How the gear system works is that each playable character can unlock alternate suits, with each suit for Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood & Robin featuring customizable accessories.

This enables players to utilise cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing looks for characters as they can give the Knights their favourite costumes with both new, original designs and iconic comic book outfits too.

With the release date announcement for the upcoming DC Comics video game, we wanted to take the opportunity to share five alternate suits we’d love to see for Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl for the Gotham Knights game.

New 52

(via: DC Comics)

After the reality altering event Flashpoint, DC did a complete relaunch of all their comic titles, rebooting all major characters and modernising origin stories. One of the most acclaimed comics to come out of this relaunch was the Batgirl comic run written by Gail Simone.

In the New 52, Barbara’s suit was given a complete redesign with a sleek black, armoured look with a gold bat-symbol, gloves, utility belt & boots, and a purple interior on her cape. Widley considered as the some of the best Barbara Gordon stories of all time, this aesthetic would be a fantastic addition to use as an alternate costume in Gotham Knights.


(via: DC Comics)

During the DC Rebirth relaunch, Batgirl received a new, unique costume thanks to a redesign from Batman: White Knight artist/writer Sean Gordon Murphy. In this awesome rendition of the Batgirl costume, Barbara had been stripped of her cowl and replaced with a domino mask featuring Bat-ears. The heavily grey costume with the yellow Bat symbol pays homage to Barbara’s costume from the Bronze Age of comics whilst also giving it a modern spin.

Thanks to Gotham Knights’ first teaser trailer and gameplay reveal, we were able to see that Batgirl is able to switch between a cowl and a domino mask meaning that it’s very likely we could be seeing Babs’ Rebirth costume feature within the game.

Young Justice

(via: DC Comics)

Barbara Gordon’s Batgirl appeared numerous times within the popular Young Justice cartoon, which focused on the titular team of sidekick heroes from the DC universe. Whilst the main focus of the series heavily centred around heroes such as Robin, Superboy, Aqualad, Miss Martian & Kid Flash, Barbara did make appearances within the series from time to time.

This rendition of her costume is perhaps the perfect transition of Batman’s Batsuit onto Barbara as it features the dark grey with a black Bat symbol, which is perhaps Batman’s most iconic look. This version of the costume was made to be stealthier and help Barbara move through the shadows and would make for an exciting addition to the Gotham Knights game, especially for the stealth elements.

Bronze Age

(via: DC Comics)

Starting in the 70s and stretching all the way to the early 80s, Barbara Gordon’s Batgirl altered her costume slightly, swapping out her debut black and switching it for grey. This was more than likely to match her Caped Crusader counterpart, Batman, as he had received a sleek redesign with the blue & grey costume and the yellow oval that has become so iconic today.

Used as an inspiration behind many of Batgirl’s future costumes, including her one in the Batman animated series & the aforementioned Rebirth suit, this suit would be a suitable attire for Babs within Gotham Knights.


(via: Netherrealm Studios/Warner Bros. Games)

Batgirl was a playable character within the Injustice: Gods Among Us video game and in true Injustice fashion, her suit was heavily armoured. This alternate earth was ruthlessly ruled by a tyrannical Superman and pitted many superheroes against each other, hence the need for heavily armoured costumes amongst non-superpowered heroes.

Though the long, yellow Bat symbol may not be everyone’s favourite look for Barbara, it is certainly different to what DC fans are used to and paired with the slick, black armoured look of her costume from the Injustice universe would look awesome alongside her fellow Knights.

Gotham Knights stars Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin & Red Hood as playable characters in the wake of Batman’s supposed death. Now taking full responsibility for watching over Gotham City, the Knights will duke it out with numerous Batman villains such as Mr Freeze, Penguin & many more whilst also facing off against the mysterious Court of Owls, a secret underground society with ties and conspiracies that span across all of Gotham’s elite families.

Which Batgirl suits would you like to see feature in Gotham Knights? Let us know in the comments below.

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