• Jake Wright

Gotham Knights: 3 Playable Character's we'd Love to See as DLC

With the release of Gotham Knights upon us, Bat-family fans are in for a special treat. Set in a completely different universe to the beloved Batman: Arkham Games, Gotham Knights will be showing us Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing and Red Hood all following in the footsteps of their fallen mentor Batman and how they will tackle crime without him.

With Gotham Knights being structured as a team game, Warner Bros. Montreal have stated that there is always room for growth within the Bat-family. Fans of the comics know that the modern-day Bat-family is filled to the brim with unique and treasured characters which means that our original four for the game may not be the only ones we see. With the potential for characters to be added as DLC later down the line, here is 3 character’s we’d love to see being part of the game.

Damian Wayne

(via: DC Comics)

The addition of another Robin may seem unnecessary at first, but in terms of character driven motivation, Damian’s interaction with the rest of the Bat-family would be extremely intriguing. With Ra’s Al Ghul already confirmed to exist thanks to Red Hood’s bio on the official Gotham Knights website, the Demon’s Son existing in this universe is a safe bet to make.

With Damian being introduced, the element of losing his father would be a huge part of his interactions with fellow characters. How would Damian react to Batman dying? It could cause some animosity between him and the Bat-family depending on what age he would be depicted as, and his impact could be huge on the future of the Bat-family as he is bound to put his name forward for taking on the mantle as the next Batman.

Gameplay with Damian would no-doubt be incredible, but would it be too much like Robin (Tim Drake)? Only time will tell.


(via: DC Comics)

Kate Kane would be affected hugely by the death of her dear cousin Bruce Wayne and would be compelled to join forces with the Knights as Batwoman. Batwoman as a playable DLC character would be fitting as she has recently rose to prominence thanks to her own solo show Batwoman on the CW and would only boost her character even more within the gaming community too.

The game seems to be taking inspiration from James Tynion IV’s Detective Comics run during DC’s ‘Rebirth’ era where he introduced the Gotham Knights team – which Batwoman was a part of - and their base of operations, the Belfry, which heavily features in this game.

Batwoman is a likely to be at least mentioned within the game but to have her as a playable character would lead to some exciting gameplay and some awesome suit customization.

Cassandra Cain

(via: DC Comics)

If you want to utilise Gotham Knights’ combat mechanics to their fullest, Cassandra Cain is the perfect character to include. The daughter of Lady Shiva and David Cain, Cass is one the deadliest fighters on earth having been trained from birth to fight and joining the Bat-family later in her life. She is beloved by many fans but is not often given the spotlight in any Batman projects outside of the comics, Gotham Knights would be perfect to boost her popularity and give players the chance to experience the ultimate DC universe combatant.

With Cass featuring, this opens the doors for her villainous parents to take a role in antagonising the Bat-family after completion of the main story with potential for insane boss fights and intense character moments between both parents and daughter.

Having gone by many aliases throughout the comics, Cass could be utilized as Black Bat, Orphan or a fellow Batgirl alongside Barbara Gordon too with a wide variety of customizable suit options.

Gotham Knights currently has no release date but is confirmed to be releasing in 2022.

You can check out the official trailer right here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ArDx9pwK5ys

And can watch the official gameplay reveal right here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJjRRErYdO4

Which characters would you like to see in Gotham Knights? Are you looking forward to the game? Let us know in the comments below