• Jake Wright

Fred Hechinger to Play Chameleon in Sony's Kraven the Hunter Movie

Deadline have exclusively revealed that actor Fred Hechinger (The White Lotus) has joined Marvel and Sony Pictures’ upcoming movie Kraven The Hunter, starring Aaron Taylor Johnson in the titular role. The report states that Hechinger will be portraying the Chameleon, long time Spider-Man villain and Kraven’s own Half-brother.

The movie, set to release theatrically on January 13 2023, will be directed by J.C. Chandor with Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach producing and Art Marcum, Matt Holloway and Richard Wenk penning the screenplay.

Who is Chameleon?

Created by legendary comic book duo Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, Chameleon aka Dmitri Anatoly Smerdyakov Kravinoff, first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #1 making him one of the oldest Spider-Man villains around.

Chameleon, just like his namesake, is a master of disguise but originally had no powers. Starting out as just a skilled criminal, Dmitri had access to a face-changing serum, sophisticated tech, lifelike masks, and genius level of impersonation. However, later on in life he gained powers thanks to surgical and mutagenetic serum which allowed him to change his appearance at will.

(via: Marvel Entertainment)

A later rendition of the character made him powerless yet again (because this is comics) and reimagined Chameleon as the most dark and disturbing version yet. Once powerless again, Chameleon would craft his disguises by brutally killing his victims by dumping them in an acid bath. Whilst this is going on he’d be able to replicate the pitch of his victim’s voice by listening to them beg for their lives and take a print of their face to make into a mask.

Being Kraven’s half-brother means the two have shared plenty of great moments teaming up against Spidey and even opposing one another so it will be very interesting to see the dynamic between Aaron Taylor Johnson’s Kraven and Fred Hechinger’s Chameleon.

Sony is coming off a huge hot streak with their superhero movies as Venom Let There be Carnage made more than $500 million worldwide and Spider-Man: No Way Home becoming the biggest movie of 2021 with $1.7 billion in worldwide sales.

They’re not planning on slowing down anytime soon either with Morbius, starring Jared Leto as the vampiric Spider-Man villain, hitting theatres on April 1 2022, the aforementioned Kraven The Hunter movie releasing in early 2023 and three more rumoured solo movies for Marvel's Silver Sable, Black Cat and a Madame Web movie with Dakota Johnson heavily rumoured to be playing the title role.

Kraven The Hunter is set to hit theatres worldwide on January 13 2023