• Jake Wright

'Euphoria' Star Sydney Sweeney Cast in Sony's Upcoming 'Madame Web' Movie

After a breakout year that included starring in HBO Max’s White Lotus and Euphoria, actress Sydney Sweeneyis now set to tackle the Marvel universe as well. Thanks to an exclusive reveal via Deadline, we now have word that Sweeney has been cast in an unknown role for Sony & Marvel’s upcoming movie Madame Web, starring Dakota Johnson as the titular character. Madame Web will be directed by S.J Clarkson, with the screenplay penned by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless.

Madame Web is a blind, psychic woman who suffers from myasthenia gravis and has very close ties to Spider-Man. Though the role that Sweeney will be playing is completely unknown, it is safe to assume that she will portraying some sort of Spider-related character such as Black Cat aka Felica Hardy or Spider-Gwen, an alternate universe counterpart of infamous Spidey love interest Gwen Stacey where she was bitten by the spider instead of Peter Parker. Though her role is still unknown, the rumours and speculation has only just begun, and we are sure to receive more news in the coming months.

Sony is coming off a huge hot streak with their superhero movies as Venom Let There be Carnage made more than $500 million worldwide and Spider-Man: No Way Home becoming the biggest movie of 2021 with $1.7 billion in worldwide sales.

They’re not planning on slowing down anytime soon either with Morbius, starring Jared Leto as the vampiric Spider-Man villain, hitting theatres on April 1 2022, the Kraven The Hunter movie releasing in early 2023 and two more rumoured solo movies for Marvel's Silver Sable & Black Cat.

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