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Deathstroke's Shadow War Kicks Off With The Death Of A Major Batman Villain

Updated: Apr 1

(via: DC Comics)

*Spoilers ahead for Shadow War Alpha #1 from DC Comics*

"Shadow War" is the culmination of recent events that have been set in place by Joshua Williamson on his Deathstroke Inc & Robin comic titles respectively. The event is Williamson’s latest project within the DC universe with the main focus heavily featuring Batman and his infamous rogue’s gallery.

Beginning with a literal bang, infamous Batman villain Ra’s Al Ghul is assassinated by Deathstroke, but all is not what it appears to be. The awful murder takes place at the Markovian Embassy in Washington D.C. where Ra’s is appearing alongside his daughter, Talia Al Ghul, to give a press gathering following his recent change of heart from the pages of Williamson’s Robin title.

Ra’s apparent change of heart has come after his bonding with his grandson Damian Wayne, and the realisation that the Lazarus pits he has been using for so long have cursed him, are now causing him to die. Ra’s sudden morality challenges his own beliefs leading him to value human life much more and strive to solve the problems of the world a different way to his usual antics. Wanting to share the secrets of the Lazarus pits with the whole of humanity, his plan comes to a sudden end as a bullet suddenly pierces his skull in a gobsmacking moment.

(via: DC Comics)

Who is responsible for this? Well, Deathstroke supposedly.

In the immediate aftermath Ra’s murder, Talia is shot, Batman goes to confront Deathstroke & Robin frantically tries to save his grandfather’s body from complete destruction, but no one is successful. Talia is heavily wounded, Batman has to save Robin from imminent death, and Ra’s Al Ghul’s body is destroyed, preventing anyone from using the Lazarus pits to restore his life.

The remainder of this prelude issue follows Damian Wayne swearing revenge on Deathstroke for the murder of his grandfather, Talia Al Ghul assembling a new supervillain team known as the Demon’s Shadow to avenge her father’s death and Deathstroke himself dealing with consequences that don’t initially add up.

The issue ends with the revelation that Deathstroke has been in his “Deathstroke Inc” tower in Zandia, thousands of miles away from the murder, all whilst this event has occured. Unsurprisingly, he is completely confused by the accusations against him in the news and reveals that he hasn’t worn the specific armour seen on the assassin in years, thus claiming is must be an imposter.

(via: DC Comics)

Who is framing Deathstroke & why?

Well, before we can get any answers on the pondering question, the Demon’s Shadow team burst through the window of Deathstroke Inc, attacking Slade and his Secret Society of Supervillains simultaneously as the issue comes to a close.

Who is the mysterious imposter who wants Ra’s dead? And why is he framing Deathstroke? All will be revealed soon as the next issue of Shadow War picks up with Batman #122 which hits comic shelves & digital on April 5, 2022.

Shadow War: Alpha #1 is out now!

Who do you think the imposter could be? Why are they framing Deathstroke? Let us know in the comments below.

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