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5 DC Superheroes That Deserve Their Own Video Game

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With DC Comics being one of the leading companies in the entertainment industry, it’s a huge surprise that they’ve never branched out too far with their video game choices. With the humongous success of the Batman Arkham Series, Injustice and even DC Universe Online, they’re now paving the way for brand new games such as Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, Gotham Knights & a new open-world Wonder Woman game in the works which is encouraging to see.

But we feel this still only touches the surface of the vast potential that DC Comics have within their video gaming platform. With a huge variety of characters & storylines to take inspiration from, there’s no doubt that fans of the superhero genre would be hyped for as many DC games, featuring characters they love, as they can get.

Here’s five DC Comics characters we think deserve their own video game:


(via: Netherrealm Studios)

Possibly at the height of his popularity at this current moment in time, Aquaman would easily be able to succeed within his own solo video game. With vast potential to utilize both Atlantis & the surface world, a game centred around the aquatic hero would make for some amazing settings and a very unique gameplay style. Applying Aquaman’s super-strength with his formidable combat abilities, players could string together awesome combos using his infamous trident.

Something extremely underrated within the Aquaman mythos is his supporting cast, with Mera, Aqualad & Vulko at his side, the narrative within the game could be rich in great character moments and a gripping storyline.

Aquaman isn’t without his fair share of villains too. With the general audience more familiar with Ocean Master and Black Manta thanks to the DCEU’s 2018 Aquaman movie, the addition of Aquaman’s two fiercest foes would also be a welcomed one within a video game and could prove for some tremendous boss battles.

Green Arrow

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Although the Emerald Archer is one of the only non-superpowered members of the Justice League, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Grounding a Green Arrow game just like Rocksteady did with the Batman Arkham series would certainly have its benefits. Awesome acrobatic free-flowing combat, a plethora of trick arrows, eye-catching alternate suits, and a charismatic lead character is the perfect recipe for any video game.

Exploring Green Arrow’s home of Star City, even if not open world, would make for a fantastic video game setting and combine that with a captivating story, you’ve got yourself a real gem on your hands.

Teen Titans

(via: DC Universe Online)

With team games like Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League & Gotham Knights already releasing in the coming years, the groundwork has already been laid for a Teen Titans video game. A single player/co-op game focused around one of the most popular teams in all of comics would go down a treat. Playing as the core members of the Titans such as: Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Wonder Girl, Raven & Kid Flash, would allow for a truly unique gameplay experience.

Robin’s athletic combat style; Starfire’s ability to fly and project energy bolts from her hands; Cyborg, accessing his limitless technology & gadgets; Beast Boy, changing into a variety of different animals giving him various physical attributes; Wonder Girl, with her impressive strength and lasso of truth; Raven, with her host of magical attacks; and Kid Flash as a speedster would make it very challenging for players to grow bored with the gameplay.

The list of villains that the team could encounter is rich with some of the best baddie’s DC have to offer including Deathstroke, Brother Blood & even Trigon. The vast potential that superhero team video games possess is starting to be realised, so we may be closer to seeing a Teen Titan video game than you think.

The Flash

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Unfortunately, the Flash is a superhero who’s had his fair share of cancelled video games throughout the years, and the main reason behind these cancelled games seem to revolve around perfecting the super-speed mechanic. The Flash is a superhero who can run at incredible speeds and translating this into a video game mechanic is a tricky task. You don’t want to de-power him or change his power set, but you don’t want to make the game too boring by making him too overpowered and imperious to harm. However, we do believe that one day, the time for a Flash game will come.

When that day does indeed arrive, the potential is perhaps unlimited with a game centred around the Scarlet Speedster being possibly the most innovative superhero game to date. An expansive rogue’s gallery, outstanding traversal, and a story arc stretched throughout time and space, there’s no way any superhero fan would not be excited for a Flash video game.


(via: DC Universe Infinite)

Which superhero is more deserving of a great video game than Superman? That’s right, none. Unfortunately subjected to some questionable video games in the past, a great Superman video game is long overdue. A vast open world Metropolis, incredible flying mechanics, and playing as freaking Superman is enough to sell anyone on a game about the Man of Steel.

A true challenge for developers thinking about crafting a new Superman game is obviously the health bar. For a man who is almost indestructible, it’s hard to offer players any sense of danger when playing as Superman. Do you give all enemies kryptonite weapons? Do you make all enemies powerful aliens? Or do you just give Metropolis the health bar, instead of Superman that was done in the Superman Returns movie video game? It’s a tough nut to crack, but if we are being honest, any of those suggestions could work if executed correctly.

Using the wide variety of powers that the Man of Steel possesses would prove to be a captivating gameplay experience, mixed with humongous scale boss battles against the likes of Lex Luthor, Doomsday and Metallo, could finally give players the gigantically scaled Superman game they’ve desired so much.

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League releases sometime in Spring 2023, Gotham Knights releases on October 25 2022.

Which DC character would you like to see receive their own video game? Which upcoming DC game are you looking forward to most?


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