• Jake Wright

DC's Titans Season Four Teases the "Ric" Grayson Storyline For Nightwing

(via: Warner Bros. Pictures)

With Titans Season 4 currently in the early months of filming, fans have been eagerly awaiting all possible hints as to what they can expect from the next season in the franchise. Well Titans fans, look no further!

One of the directors behind the upcoming season four of Titans, Nicholas Copus, shared a picture giving us an insight into his office at the Titans Production HQ which showcased multiple comics that are being used for research/inspiration for the newest season.

Eagle eyed fans were quick to recognise the comics present in the picture which includes Superman: President Luthor, by Jeph Loeb & Karl Kesel; Superman #1 (1987) by John Byrne & Terry Austin; Titans Book One: Together Forever by Judd Winick, Howard Porter & More; And Nightwing #87 by Tom Taylor & Bruno Redondo. And a common theme amongst the issues present in the picture seem to revolve around Superman & Lex Luthor, which lines up perfectly with The Illuminerdi's report stating that Lex Luthor will be involved in season four of Titans. It appears that Lex Luthor and Joshua Oprhin’s Connor Kent/Superboy will be playing a large role in the upcoming season hinting at the possibility of the city of Metropolis being the main setting of the forthcoming episodes.

But away from Lex Luthor & the Superman family for a moment, the biggest talking point from this picture revolved around one interesting comic book that was spotted on the table, and that was Nightwing: Knight Terrors. This comic book story revolves around the aftermath of Nightwing being shot in the head in Batman #55 by Tom King & Tony S. Daniel. Dick Grayson suffered from amnesia after being shot, thus giving birth to the “Ric” Grayson era of Nightwing. This era of Nightwing included him now being a taxi driver, changing his entire personality & rejecting all help that the Bat family offered him which, as you can probably tell, didn’t sit well with Nightwing fans.

(via: DC Comics)

The poorly received run would be an odd choice to incorporate into season 4 of Titans considering everyone was celebrating when Dick Grayson eventually returned to his familiar status quo just in time for James Tynion’s Joker War finale. With Brenton Thwaites’ Nightwing having quite the character journey himself within Titans, the choice to regress his character into “Ric” Grayson would surely not go down well with fans of the show.

Though the inclusion of this comic on the table is in no way confirmation of this storyline taking place within the next season, it does certainly appear that they will be taking some sort of inspiration from this poorly received Nightwing storyline. But, the positive’s we can take from the Nightwing comics present in the picture is the inclusion of Tom Taylor & Bruno Redondo’s Nightwing run. This current ongoing comic title is one of the best runs coming out of DC Comics at this moment in time and is handling the character of Dick Grayson (and his supporting cast) extremely well, giving Titans ‘Nightwing fans a glimmer of hope for an exciting character arc for Thwaites’ Dick Grayson coming up in the next season.

Would you like to see the “Ric” Grayson arc in Titans Season 4? Do you think Lex Luthor will be the main villain? Let us know in the comments below.