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The Suicide Squad REVIEW

Not a sequel but not particularly a reboot either, The Suicide Squad is the movie that DC fans have been craving for years. This whacky yet wonderful comic book movie certainly didn’t disappoint and has undoubtedly reminded many fans why they love the medium of comic book movies so much. With much uncertainty of the future of the DCEU, this movie reassures us that the future is bright for not only DC but comic book movies as a whole.


The Plot:

Set after the 2016 Suicide Squad movie (but in a way that requires no prior knowledge to that film), The Suicide Squad sees the ruthless Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) recruiting the craziest but more-than-capable incarcerated supervillains for an incredibly important and dangerous black-ops mission in Corto Maltese. Her main recruits include the one and only Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie); Bloodsport (Idris Elba), an innovative Superman villain who is blackmailed by Waller into joining the team; Rick Flag Jr (Joel Kinnaman), a U.S special forces operative who often works closely with Amanda Waller; Peacemaker (John Cena), a twisted pacifist who will do whatever is necessary to maintain his agenda; Ratcatcher 2 (Daniela Melchoir), a young woman who is capable of controlling rats thanks to her father’s rat communication device; King Shark (Sylvester Stallone) an adorable yet vicious demi-god human-shark hybrid; and Polka Dot Man (David Dastmalchian) a weirdly wonderful meta-human with the power to throw projectile polka dots that essentially melt anything they touch.

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The aim of the team is to destroy any and all evidence of a secret programme known as ‘Project: Starfish’ – which inevitably see’s the team come across the B-list Flash villain the Thinker (Peter Capaldi) and go face to face with a giant starfish alien named Starro The Conqueror. Fans of the comics will know that Starro was indeed the first villain that the infamous Justice League encountered and dates back all the way to 1960. The way that James Gunn uses Starro is perfect, and we were incredibly impressed with how Starro was treated considering the fact that the character definitely isn’t on the top of anyone’s favourite villain list.

On paper the movie sounds absurd and that’s because it is but it’s a trait that director James Gunn and the cast embrace to its fullest. With fantastic humour, gory violence and heart-warming character moments, The Suicide Squad is everything you’ve dreamed of for a comic book movie and more! At first, many fans thought the number of characters featured would be overwhelming but that couldn’t be further from the truth, James Gunn balances the plot alongside the characters superbly and we were constantly hooked throughout.


The chemistry between characters is incredible as there is a huge mix of personalities and backgrounds and yet they find a way to effectively work together whilst simultaneously developing close bonds with one another. Whether it’s Ratcatcher 2 and King Shark’s adorable friendship or Peacemaker and Bloodsport’s hilarious rivalry, which is perfectly highlighted in a scene where they both try to out-kill each other, the whole squad leaves you entertained and really caring for these outcast characters throughout the whole movie. Never in a million years did we think that we’d be caring and sympathizing for characters like Ratcatcher 2 and Polka Dot Man but James Gunnfound a way and did it brilliantly!

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Let’s not forget of course the insanely goofy and charismatic characters sent in by Waller, prior to the main team. This includes Savant (Michael Rooker), T.D.K aka The Detachable Kid (Nathan Fillon), Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney), Javelin (Flula Borg), Mongal (Mayling Ng), Blackguard (Pete Davidson) and last but not least, Weasel (Sean Gunn). All these characters, accompanied by Harley Quinn and Rick Flag Jr, have a superbly amusing opening scene storming the beaches of Corto Maltese and battling against their army, its brilliant, bloody and exciting and although most of these members meet their demise, it certainly sets the tone right away for what is yet to come.

Our Stand-Out Characters

Peacemaker - John Cena did a fantastic job of portraying the psychotic vigilante which creates endless amounts of hype for his upcoming HBO Max series. He was hilarious and his jokes landed well (which contrasts what was shown in the trailers) whilst also being a brutally violent, no-nonsense killer.

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Ratcatcher 2 - A very unknown character with an extreme emotional depth to her, Daniela Melchoir delivered this character perfectly and drew us in with some really great scenes throughout the movie. We hope she appears in future DC projects.

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Bloodsport - The team leader, a grumpy, heartless mercenary at face value, it was shown how many layers this character has such as his relationship with his daughter, his caring and sympathetic nature for Ratcatcher 2 and his willingness to risk his life to stop Starro. He grows from an outright villain to a complex anti-hero throughout the movie so let’s hope that Idris Elba isn’t done in the role of Bloodsport just yet.

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Overall Thoughts

This movie is a genuine delight and is easily one of the best DC movies in years! It left us craving even more James Gunn DC content and it has us praying that we see a lot more from the characters who survived the movie in the future. We knew it was going to be a great ride, but we didn’t expect to enjoy it this much, it has everything a comic book fan would ever want in a movie and we sure hope James Gunn is sticking around to make not only a sequel but more DC movies as a whole.

It truly is a comic book come to life and we can’t praise it enough as it shows that even with D-list supervillains, the genre of superheroes/villains isn’t dying any time soon. It is violent and chaotic from the very get-go but a beautiful love letter to the Suicide Squad that DC fans deserve.

What did you think about The Suicide Squad? Who was your favourite character? Let us know in the comments below.

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