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DC Comics Reveal First Look at The Flash's Dark Crisis Crossover

After revealing their Young Justice tie-in comic series to the upcoming June event, Dark Crisis, DC are back again to reveal a first look at The Flash’s tie-in issues to the upcoming Crisis. DC’s Dark Crisis picks up after the supposed death of the Justice League in the upcoming Justice League #75, and the fallout is going to be humongous.

After it was revealed that Robin, Superboy and Impulse from Young Justice will be lost on a world of their dreams, we also have word on what Wally West’s Flash will be up to during the Crisis. As revealed exclusively by comicbook.com, The Flash’s three issue crossover issues will feature Wally gathering the surviving members of the Flash Family and searching for Barry Allen, also the Flash, in the Speed Force after his supposed death.

The fun starts in The Flash #783 and will run for three issues and will release on June 21. You can now check out not only the cover reveal for #783, but also the official issue description too.

(via: DC Comics)

Written by Jeremy Adams

Art by Amancay Nahuelpan

Cover by Brandon Peterson & Michael Atiyeh

Variant Cover by Bengal

THE FLASH #783: Dark Crisis tie-in: the search for Barry Allen! With the Justice League gone, Wally gathers the entire Flash Family in a desperate attempt to search the Speed Force and finally locate the missing Barry Allen. But does Barry want to be found? This three-issue story ties directly into this summer's event. Dark Crisis continues here!

Comicbook.com’s Nicole Drum recently had the chance to catch up with the writer of the upcoming Dark Crisis event, Joshua Williamson, and he had this to tease:

It is a very massive event. And to us, it's really about the legacy of the DCU and really showing that all of these different pieces, all of these large aspects of the DCU, including the generational, like history, all the stuff with the sidekicks, also the legacy or the new heroes, all of these things are important and crucial to the DCU. And I wanted to use an event to showcase that. You know, when I started reading comics, I had all these really great entry points into the DCU with Tim Drake and Connor and Bart and Cassie. And I was able to kind of use those as, you know, my point of view, as a kid getting to it."

(via: DC Comics)

"And even when you look at something like my introduction to Green Lantern was through Hal. But once Kyle came around and I got to kind of relearn the mythology through Kyle, it really opened up a lot of stuff for me as like a DC reader," Williamson said. "I wanted to take all that energy and apply it to right now. And I wanted to show that at the end of the day, when the Justice League loses and they die, how does the world actually react to that? And how do all of these newer heroes we've introduced over the last like 30 years, not just someone who's introduced recently, but all of these heroes, even characters like Dick Grayson, like how does he react now knowing?"
"And there's a whole scene about this coming up where John and Dick are talking. John is panicking and, and Dick is just like, 'You know your dad died, right? Like we went through this with him,' and he's like, 'Bruce has died.' And they started talking about what death means to them now. But the thing is, is that even though the heroes are dealing with it, one way, the villains of the DC are dealing with it in a much different way. And you have all these things kind of collide."

"Like we've been building in Justice League Incarnate and Infinite Frontier sort of the multiversal piece of this. But then in things like Batman and Robin, Deathstroke, and some other stuff you'll see, and we'll kind of get some of that in the Shadow War," Williamson said. "We're building the grounded version of this. And there's essentially what's happening is the DCU gets attacked on two fronts from above and below basically. And so that's, you know what it's about. And to me, it's really just sort of this, me getting an opportunity, working with someone like Daniel to tell a really big story in the DCU, starring all of these big pieces that we love."

The Flash #783 hits comic shelves on June 21, while the Justice League: Road to Dark Crisis One-Shot releases on May 31 & Dark Crisis #1 releases on June 7.

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