DC Comics Announce Young Justice Tie-In Comic to Upcoming Dark Crisis Event This June

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This June will see DC Comics’ multiverse plunge into darkness with the launch of Dark Crisis, by writer Joshua Williamson & artists Daniel Sampere and Alejandro Sanchez. It's an event that begins with the apparent death of the Justice League and involves the supervillain known as Pariah (from DC’s Crisis on Infinite Earths) wielding the power of the Great Darkness to reshape the multiverse. With the universe's greatest heroes gone, it'll be up to DC's legacy characters to step forward and lead the charge to save the multiverse.

Thanks to an exclusive reveal from Syfy.com, we now have word that one of the most iconic legacy teams in DC’s history, Young Justice, will be receiving a six-issue tie-in series to the Dark Crisis event and will be written by Meghan Fitzmartin (Batman: Urban Legends) with art by Laura Braga.

According to DC's official solicitation for the first issue, it all begins at the Justice League's funeral, where Superboy, Impulse, and Tim Drake turned up missing, triggering a search by Wonder Girl. But the boys are lost "on the world of their dreams, one they may never want to leave."

Writer of the Young Justice mini-series, Meghan Fitzmartin, spoke to Syfy.com and had this to tease about the upcoming Dark Crisis tie in comic:

"Dark Crisis: Young Justice #1 is a reaction to the Dark Crisis story. So it starts off...we understand where everyone is at, because we haven't seen a lot of these characters in a while. And then full-blown chaos happens."
"They have had a really interesting and complicated history and it's so rich," she said when talking about the team. "It's so ripe for storytelling. There's so much to really dig into and sink our teeth into with all of the drama that's gone on with them in the past. All of the trauma. Half of them died and are now back. My goodness, what an interesting time. So our goal has been to really bring that up, and make it messy, make it dirty, really dig into these friendships and these relationships and play in this world."

Check out an unlettered preview for the upcoming first issue of the Dark Crisis: Young Justice series below:

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Though quick to avoid any spoilers for the upcoming comic book, Fitzmartin did tease that the key to crafting this dream world for our three missing heroes was to listen to fan feedback from where the Young Justice characters have been in recent DC storyline’s saying:

"Most of [the reactions] were positive, but there were some negative ones, and [I was] thinking 'Oh, well, what is it that incites those negative emotions? Not just for this, I've worked on various other projects that have strong fandom reactions. [It's] sort of existing in that space of 'Where does that come from? Why are we positive on some stuff, but negative on other stuff? What is the negativity coming from?' And really exploring that aspect of the three boys in particular, and holding a magnifying glass to it, because that's what I think story does so well."

Meghan Fitzmartin has made a huge impression on many DC fans (Bat fans in particular) in recent months as she was the writer who penned Tim Drake’s recent coming out story in Batman: Urban Legends #6 from last year when the character was revealed to be bisexual. In addition to working on the Young Justice tie-in to Dark Crisis, Fitzmartin and artists Belen Ortega and Alberto Jimenez Alburquerque are collaborating on a new Tim Drake Special for DC's Pride Month in June. The new prestige format issue will collect the entire Tim Drake coming out narrative so far, along with new material that further explores the character's journey of personal discovery.

(via: DC Comics)

Fitzmartin also gave Syfy a word on what to expect with her Pride Month Tim Drake story saying:

"This is a continuation of his story, and this is a continuation of the journey that this character is on. And he's very important to all of us, and thankfully Dark Crisis came at a time when that was also what we wanted to do with the character."

Dark Crisis kicks off with a Free Comic Book Day special on May 7 ahead of the big main event in June. Dark Crisis: Young Justice #1 arrives June 21, while the DC Pride Tim Drake Special lands on June 14.

Will you be picking up this Young Justice mini-series? Who is your favourite Young Justice member?

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