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Chip Zdarsky & Jorge Jimenez Announced As The New Batman Creative Team For DC Comics

Comicbook.com have exclusively revealed that award-winning writer Chip Zdarsky (Daredevil, Spider-Man: Life Story, Batman: Urban Legends) and fan-favourite artist Jorge Jimenez (Batman, Justice League, Super Sons) are bringing Batman into a new era and taking over the main Batman comic title.

Beginning in July, the duo will kickstart their reign on the oversized Batman #125 with a six-issue story dubbed “failsafe”. This will mark Zdarsky’s latest contribution to the Batman mythos following his current DC Black Label series Batman: The Knight and having previously penned stories for Batman: Urban Legends, Batman: Black & White and Detective Comics #1027.

According to Zdarsky, “failsafe” will follow Bruce Wayne as he is having nightmares of a future he can't stop. There's a chance he might not make it to that future, as a startling enemy from Batman's past has one relentless goal: to end Batman, no matter what it takes.

And whilst Zdarksy won’t disclose if this “startling enemy” is an old or brand new adversary, he has stated that Bruce will be put to the ultimate test by saying:

"When DC approached me to write Batman, I immediately thought about things that could really challenge the character mentally, physically, and in terms of his relationships. Failsafe is his Doomsday. When I started mapping out the story I got really excited about where it could take the title."

When asked about his collaboration with artist Jorge Jimenez, Zdarsky had these enthusiastic words to say:

"He's a superstar! Not just as an artist, but as a person! He's really delightful and excited about the character and the direction we're going in, which is great. We talked about going darker with the book and he's been all aboard, with some really stunning pages that showcase the tone. I honestly can't say enough good things about Jorge. He creates beauty at an amazing speed. I'm angry that he's also so handsome as it's just not fair. The only good thing about the pandemic is that I probably won't have to be on a panel next to him which would only serve to highlight how old and gross I look."

The covers for Batman #125 reveal the Tim Drake version of Robin will be featuring prominently within this “failsafe” arc with Zdarsky explaining:

"The past few years have had a lot of Batman on his own, with so many (SO MANY) Robins, etc. in his orbit. But I wanted to really highlight the "Batman & Robin" aspect of the characters while still maintaining the darker feel we're going for. Tim Drake is a favourite of mine and being able to highlight him here has been a lot of fun."

For any fans wondering about the longevity of Zdarsky’s time on Batman, Comicbook.com made certain to ask the writer about long term plans for his Batman run with Zdarsky teasing:

"we're just getting started."
"Really, I'm just writing the Batman book that I want to read. A dark book with wild action, huge stakes, and hopefully a lot of fun. My main Batman reader that I care about is my brother! He's followed the book for a long time and I really just want to make him happy for once in my life!!!"

Keep scrolling to get a first look at the main wraparound cover by Jorge Jimenez & two variant covers by Inhyuk Lee and Simone Di Meo, alongside a black and white preview of interior artwork from the upcoming comic.

MAIN COVER by Jorge Jimenez (via: DC Comics)

VARIANT COVER by Inhyuk Lee (via: DC Comics)

VARIANT COVER by Simone Di Meo (via: DC Comics)

INTERIOR ARTWORK by Jorge Jimenez (via: DC Comics)

What are your thoughts on this creative team? Will you be picking this up? Let us know in the comments below.


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