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Black Adam: Teaser Reveals the First Look at the JSA

One of the most highly anticipated movies of 2022 is Black Adam starring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson in the titular role going head-to-head with the iconic superhero team, the JSA (Justice Society of America). Information has been scarce in the past year about Black Adam, however DC FanDome delivered some exciting new footage along with some great teasers from the cast themselves.

The short teaser shown for Black Adam showed the ancient anti-hero in all his brutal brilliance and gave us but a glimpse of the awesome action scenes that are set to come.

Check out the official Black Adam teaser right here if you haven’t seen it already - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w00MG1M3xdY

The main teaser focuses solely on the lead character of Black Adam however the behind-the-scenes teaser gave us fans a closer look at some of the sets, concept art, new suits and the Helmet of Nabu and it’s got many fans talking! The movie has promised action sequences like no other and we have no doubt that it will be delivering on that promise.

DC fans will be in for a real treat with Hawkman himself Aldis Hodge saying: “he’s more brutal, uncompromising, fuelled by the depths of his pain – he’s Black Adam” which tells us that we will be getting an extremely violent and brutal Black Adam which speaks true to the source material. We also have Pierce Brosnan – who plays Dr. Fate - saying: “I’ve never seen the likes before. Having done James Bond for ten years, four films, nothing compares to this” which gives us an idea of the sheer scale of this movie.

(via: Warner Bros. Pictures)

Before the official teaser of one of the opening scenes was revealed, we got to hear Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson say: “As you guys know, this character, this film, this universe, have been a gigantic passion project of mine for a very long time. The truth is, I was born to play Black Adam”. The pure passion that he will be putting into the role is so encouraging to see as he has clearly been doing all he can to deliver the best version of a live-action Black Adam.

New Suits

We had yet to see any official looks (that wasn’t concept art) at the costumes our characters would be wearing and although parts of Black Adam and Hawkman’s costumes unfortunately leaked a few weeks back, we can safely say we got official glimpses of both Black Adam and all members of the JSA which you can see pictured down below:

Black Adam

(via: Warner Bros. Pictures)

A deadly force unleashed after thousands of years of exile, Black Adam is out for revenge and will be coming to blows with some of the greatest heroes of the modern day.


(via: Warner Bros. Pictures)

One of the more senior members of the JSA – due to his many lives and reincarnations across the universe – Aldis Hodge’s Hawkman might be the best one suited to bridge the gap between the ancient world and the present day. This could link to the comics because it was established that Black Adam and Hawkman knew each other in one of Hawkman’s previous lives when he was Khufu of ancient Egypt.


(via: Warner Bros. Pictures)

One of the many legacy heroes from the JSA, Cyclone will be played by Quintessa Swindell and she is the granddaughter of one the JSA’s founding members, the original Red Tornado. Cyclone possesses the power of aerokinesis meaning she can control and manipulate the wind and this will be the character’s first ever appearance in live-action.

Atom Smasher

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Played by Noah Centineo, Atom Smasher may be the most pivotal member of the JSA in this story because of his relationship with Black Adam. In the comics, Atom Smasher is the grandson of supervillain Cyclotron and the godson of the original Atom and founding member of the JSA, Al Pratt.

Atom Smasher can control the density and size of his body and also possesses vast superhuman strength and in one of his most important moments in the comics, Atom Smasher sides with Black Adam over the JSA due to his sympathy towards Black Adam’s more brutal methods of maintaining order.

Dr. Fate

(via: Warner Bros. Pictures)

Like Hawkman, Dr Fate is another senior member of the JSA. Played by Pierce Bronson, Kent Nelson was an archaeologist who went onto host and embody the power of the wizard Nabu. Possessing the Helmet of Nabu, Amulet of Anubis and the Cloak of Destiny, Dr Fate is extremely powerful and will prove to be a challenging adversary for Black Adam.

Black Adam hits theatres on July 29 2022.

Which character are you most looking forward to seeing in Black Adam? Would you like to see more of the JSA in the future?