• Jake Wright

Ben Affleck May Still Have A Future As Batman After The Flash Movie

(via: Warner Bros. Pictures)

After plenty of recent rejiggling of movies within the DCEU more rumours are coming out thick and fast from Warner Bros.’s camp, with the latest one concerning Ben Affleck’s Batman. With The Flash being delayed from November 4, 2022, to June 23 2023, there may be some reshuffling regarding plot points and overall storyline as reliable insider Grace Randolph has recently tweeted something very interesting regarding the future of the current DCEU Batman, Ben Affleck.

Announcing to The Playlist that he was done with IP movies back in December 2021, reports were strongly suggested that Affleck’s Batman would meet his demise within The Flash to bring his time as the character to an end and allowing Michael Keaton to take over the lead of the DCEU’s Batman within this newly created post-The Flash DCEU timeline.

The report by Grace Randolph suggests that Affleck’s Batman will not meet his demise and instead survive, at least according to the most recent cut of the movie. This is by no means conformation that Ben Affleck will be featuring in more DCEU projects after The Flash, but in a follow up tweet to user @my_name_is1998 asking her if Affleck could possibly be convinced into returning to the cape and cowl after his supposed final appearance she replied with:

With the Discovery merger for Warner Bros. set to be finalised soon and subtle hints surrounding the future of the Snyder Verse, Batfleck fans may have some great news awaiting them in the not-so-distant future and we are excited to find out what that could be.

Do you want to see Affleck return as Batman after The Flash? Do you think it’s likely that he could be return? Let us know in the comments below.