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Batman Crosses Over With the Watchmen Universe in Flashpoint Beyond's Official Preview

(via: DC Comics)

It seems that Geoff Johns and DC Comics aren’t done with the Watchmen universe as of yet as two characters from the universe are featuring in Johns’ upcoming mini-series, Flashpoint Beyond.

11 years since his debut in Johns’ infamous Flashpoint storyline, Thomas Wayne is exploring the Flashpoint timeline yet again as the Caped Crusader as he sets out to fix the broken timeline once and for all. With Flashpoint Batman already set to receive aid from Barry Allen’s Flash, the first official preview reveals he will also be seeking aid from Mime and Marionette.

The villainous husband-and-wife duo first debuted back in Geoff Johns, Gary Frank & Brad Anderson’s Doomsday Clock, the official sequel to DC’s highly acclaimed Watchmen. In the series, the couple team up with Rorschach II and Ozymandias to find their lost son and locate Doctor Manhattan within the DC universe. How they are in the Flashpoint timeline is unknown at this time but how they will intertwine with Flashpoint Batman and his world is extremely intriguing.

(via: DC Comics)

The 48-page Flashpoint Beyond #0, written by Geoff Johns of Doomsday Clock and featuring artwork by Eduardo Risso kicks off a six-issue series that will release every two weeks with author Johns teasing:

"Collaborating with Eduardo has been a dream my entire career. The chance to work on a story with such an iconic and legendary artist, centred around the troubled Thomas Wayne, made returning to the world of Flashpoint and its vengeful Batman special. Our goal was to create an event that's every bit as emotional as it is epic, not only revealing the how's and why's of Thomas Wayne's returning timeline but what it means to the past, present and future of Bruce Wayne and DC. We hope readers enjoy the ride."

Risso has worked on Flashpoint Batman before with him handling art duties on the Flashpoint: Batman Knight of Vengeance during the release of the first Flashpoint event and he’s extremely excited to return to the character by saying:

"Embarking on a new journey with the caped crusader is always a challenge, but working with Geoff has made the whole process a true delight," he said. "I'm certain that if audiences all around the world have as much fun reading it as I had drawing it, they're in for one hell of a ride."

Check out the first official preview for Flashpoint Beyond #0 below

Flashpoint Beyond #0 hits comic shelves on April 5 and you can pre-order your copy using the links below:

UK- Flashpoint Beyond #0 via Forbidden Planet

UK - Flashpoint Beyond #0 via Comixology (Digital)

US - Flashpoint Beyond #0 via Comixology (Digital)

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