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Batgirl: The Court of Owls Teased

Updated: Feb 18

The Batgirl movie is currently filming in Glasgow and new set-photo’s have been released daily with many containing numerous easter eggs containing multiple DC and DCEU easter eggs. Batgirl has been filming in Glasgow foe the past week giving onlookers and journalists plenty of time to snap some pictures of the surrounding set.

The most recent snaps have caught the eye of many comic book/DCEU fans as one of these pictures revealed the Court of Owls.

The Court of Owls were created by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo and first appeared in Batman Vol 2 #2 in December 2011. The Court are an organized crime group and secret society made up of the wealthy and elite Gothamites that have controlled the city of Gotham from the shadows for centuries.

(via: @BatgirlFilm/@danieljohncaven on Twitter)

The above image shows the ‘Gotham Tattler’ reporting on The Court of Owls proving that they do exist within the new DCEU timeline that will be created after The Flash movie.

Something that you may have missed on the magazine cover is the top right headline stating: “Owls tried to recruit me, says former circus child star”. Those familiar with the Batman mythos will know that this is a direct reference to Dick Grayson, the first Robin. Dick was a child circus star when his parents were murdered by mobster Tony Zucco, this led to him being taken in by Bruce Wayne and trained to become the first Boy Wonder.

But what people may not know is the Grayson family have close ties to the Court of Owls with his great Grandfather, William Cobb, being heavily involved with the Court and the secret society even lining up Dick as a potential candidate for their Talon (the Courts very own assassins).

Although we may not see the Court physically appear in Batgirl, it is nice to know that they exist and that the new DCEU timeline includes some excellent world-building for the Batman mythos. Dick Grayson is heavily rumoured to be appearing in Batgirl so we won’t rule out seeing the Court of Owls appear in the DCEU in the future.

More Easter Eggs

Another issue of the ‘Gotham Tattler’ was photographed on the Batgirl set with this issue centring around the iconic Superman villain, Lex Luthor.

(via: @BatgirlFilm/@pepsicereza on Twitter)

We see that Lex Luthor (misspelled as “Luther”) is still in Arkham Asylum, just as we saw him at the end of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, which leaves some questions to be answered regarding the time period/new timeline of Batgirl as Luthor was seen on his yacht after having broken out of prison at the end of Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

The mag also features “Witness Testimonies” regarding the Capitol Building bombing which we also saw in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice that was revealed to be Lex Luthor’s doing so there still seems to be strong lines of continuity between the current DCEU timeline and the new one that will be formed after The Flash movie. These reveals have gotten fans extremely excited for the future of the DCEU as it looks to be building a solid foundation by using some older aspects of the old DCEU timeline and merging them with the new DCEU timeline.

Batgirl is directed by Bilall Fallah and Adil El Arbi (Bad Boys for Life and Ms. Marvel) and is written by Christina Hodson (Birds of Prey and The Flash). The film will star Leslie Grace as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne/Batman, J.K Simmons as Commissioner Jim Gordon, Brendan Fraser as Garfield Lyns/Firefly, Jacob Scipio cast in a currently unknown role but rumoured to be playing Killer Moth and Jurnee Smollett’s Dinah Lance/Black Canary set to make an appearance too.

Batgirl is set to debut on HBO Max later this year

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