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Batgirl: Everything We Know So Far

Updated: Feb 18

A Batgirl solo movie has been talked about and rumoured for many years and when it was officially confirmed earlier this year, it was met with a fantastic reception by DC fans across the globe. Barbara Gordon getting the main spotlight in a live action project is long overdue and although she has been a large feature in the recent most recent season of Titans, she hasn’t actually had a silver screen presence since Joel Schumacher’s Batman & Robin released way back in 1997.

Now though, we have a fully fledged Batgirl solo project set to release exclusively on HBO Max sometime in 2022 and we couldn’t be more excited to finally see a different aspect of the Batman mythos explored to its fullest in a fully-fledged movie. With that said, let’s dive into everything we know about Batgirl so far…

Batgirl Concept Art (via: Warner Bros. Pictures)

The Plot

We know practically nothing about the plot of the Batgirl movie, however thanks to DC FanDome 2021, we received a minute detail of what we can expect from the project. The main takeaway from the Batgirl panel at DC FanDome was that this would indeed be an origin story for our titular hero in which Barbara Gordon is first suiting up as Batgirl and exploring the duality in her personality due to her new vigilante lifestyle.

Yes, you heard that right, Barbara Gordon will be the one wearing the cowl and although there have been numerous characters to take on the mantle, it only seems right that an origin story for Batgirl stars Barbara Gordon. However, this certainly doesn’t mean that other Batgirls such as the beloved Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain won’t show up later down the line.

Behind the Camera

Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah (Ms Marvel, Bad Boys for Life) will be directing the movie and Christina Hodson (Birds of Prey, The Flash) is writing the script.

The Confirmed Cast

Batgirl/Barbara Gordon

(via: @lesliegrace on Instagram)

Leslie Grace (Up in the Heights) will be the lead role playing Barbara Gordon/Batgirl and has consistently expressed her joy and excitement for bringing Barbara Gordon to life which is incredibly encouraging. It was also confirmed that she will be sporting Barbara’s iconic red hair for the movie as well.

Batman/Bruce Wayne

(via: Warner Bros. Pictures)

Reported back in December 2021, Deadline exclusively revealed that Michael Keaton would be reprising his role as Batman for the Batgirl movie. This appearance comes as no surprise as it has been common knowledge that after his appearance in The Flash, Keaton's Batman will become the main universe Batman for this new DC Extended Universe (DCEU) timeline. It appears he will be taking on a mentor role within this movie and helping Batgirl establish herself as a fully-fledged superhero.

Commissioner Jim Gordon

(via: Warner Bros. Pictures)

J.K Simmons is confirmed to be reprising his role as Commissioner Jim Gordon, Barbara’s father. After last appearing as the character in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Simmons returning as Jim Gordon was met with an incredible reception and he recently spoke to Josh Horowitz of the Happy Sad Confused Podcast (Happy Sad Confused | Podcast on Spotify) to express his excitement about returning to the role.

Firefly/Garfield Lynns

(via: Joe Scarnici/Getty Images)

In October of last year, Deadline reported that Brendan Fraser had been cast in the role of the lead villain for the movie alongside many sources saying that he would be playing the C-list Batman villain, Firefly. Firefly is an expert pyrotechnic who suffers from pyromania which is an impulse control disorder where he starts fires to relive tension. Firefly uses his pyro tech and jetpack to cause mayhem throughout Gotham City and will prove to be a worthy adversary for Batgirl.

Alysia Yeoh

(via: DC Comics)

This news was yet again recently reported by Deadline after set photos had been shown of Leslie Grace's Barbara Gordon and an unknown woman who we now to be Barbara's best friend, from the New 52 Batgirl comic run written by Gail Simone, Alysia Yeoh. The inclusion of Alysia in Batgirl means that she will be the first major transgender character to appear within a live-action DC movie.

Unknown Roles

(via: Bad Boys for Life)

Lastly, there is one confirmed cast member whose role is still unknown and that is Jacob Scipio (Bad Boys for Life). Could it be a Hollywood super-secret role or something else? That remains to be seen so far.


One of the biggest talking points for this movie is the rumours surrounding other DC comics character appearing alongside Leslie Grace’s Batgirl and two huge characters being thrown around are Jurnee Smollett’s Black Canary and Dick Grayson/Robin

(via: Warner Bros. Pictures)

Jurnee Smollett’s Black Canary appearing in Batgirl makes perfect sense as both Barbara Gordon and Dinah Lance aka Black Canary have extremely close ties in the comics with both of them being part of the original Birds of Prey team. We know that Jurnee Smollett will be returning as Black Canary for more projects within the DCEU as she will be the lead role in her own Black Canary solo movie – announced earlier this year - and the inevitable Birds of Prey sequel which is yet to be announced.

The Black Canary rumours were started by twitter user @BlackCanaryBRA reporting that reliable insider @DanielRPK had shared information with them stating that Black Canary was indeed in the movie. HOWEVER, this isn’t any sort of official confirmation that Black Canary is in the movie, it is still complete speculation at this point so take this information with a grain of salt.

(via: DC Comics)

Dick Grayson appearing as Robin would also make sense as both Barbara and Dick have very close ties in the comics with many of their years together spent in a relationship. With set photo Easter eggs pointing towards the first Robin's appearance we have no doubt that we will be seeing the Boy Wonder at some point within the movie.

Comic Inspirations

(via: DC Comics)

It seems the most likely comic series that this movie will be taking inspiration from will be Batgirl: Year One, by Chuck Dixon and Scott Beatty. Published in 2003, this series served as an expanded origin story of Barbara Gordon’s Batgirl that built on her first appearance in comics way back in Detective Comics #359 from 1967. The series focused on Batgirl also includes characters such as Robin, Jim Gordon, Firefly and Killer Moth, it also includes Batman and Black Canary which all lines up incredibly well with the confirmed/rumoured character appearances so far.

If you would like to read Batgirl: Year One then click the link below to dive into Barbara Gordon's fantastic origin story!

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The Batgirl movie is one of our most anticipated comic book movies coming out next year and we can’t wait for the official trailer so we can get our very first look at Leslie Grace in action.

Are you looking forward to the Batgirl movie? What do you think of the live-action Batgirl suit? Let us know in the comments below.

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