• Jake Wright

Ariana DeBose to Play Calypso in Sony's Kraven the Hunter Movie

Fresh off her win at the SAG Awards on Sunday night, Ariana DeBose is already moving on to her next major project. The Oscar-nominated West Side Story actress is now set to star in Sony and Marvel’s upcoming movie Kraven the Hunter, starring Aaron Taylor Johnson in the titular role and Fred Hechinger as Kraven’s half-brother, Chameleon. DeBose will be playing

Calypso, lesser-known enemy of Spider-Man and sometime love interest of Kraven.

The movie, set to release theatrically on January 13 2023, will be directed by J.C. Chandor with Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach producing and Art Marcum, Matt Holloway and Richard Wenk penning the screenplay.

Who is Calypso?

Calypso Ezili was created by Dennis O’Neil and Alan Weiss and first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #209 in 1980. Calypso is a psychopathic voodoo priestess who enjoys driving Kraven into fits of rage to further increase his hatred for Spider-Man.

(via: Marvel Entertainment)

Obsessed with control and power, Calypso’s powers include mind control, rituals, poisons and spells, and resurrection. She also has the ability to dull Spidey's spider-sense, control animals, and harness the evil spirits that serve her.

The inclusion of Calypso means we could see the first on-screen portrayal of the romance between Aaron Taylor Johnson’s Kraven and Ariana DeBose’s Calypso.

Sony is coming off a huge hot streak with their superhero movies as Venom Let There be Carnage made more than $500 million worldwide and Spider-Man: No Way Home becoming the biggest movie of 2021 with $1.7 billion in worldwide sales.

They’re not planning on slowing down anytime soon either with Morbius, starring Jared Leto as the vampiric Spider-Man villain, hitting theatres on April 1 2022, the aforementioned Kraven The Hunter movie releasing in early 2023 and three more rumoured solo movies for Marvel's Silver Sable, Black Cat and a Madame Web movie with Dakota Johnson heavily rumoured to be playing the titular role.

Kraven The Hunter is set to hit theatres worldwide on January 13 2023