• Jake Wright

3 Villains We'd Love to See in the Spider-Man College Trilogy

More huge news has recently surfaced from the Marvel Studios camp as producer Amy Pascal confirms that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man will be receiving three more movies after Spider-Man: No Way Home. This news is fantastic yet not surprising at all considering Spider-Man has always been one of Marvel’s most popular heroes, and Tom Holland’s portrayal of the character within the MCU is extremely popular within the ever-expanding cinematic universe that Marvel have crafted.

With the first MCU Spider-Man trilogy giving us great villains in Vulture, Mysterio and the upcoming multiversal villains Doctor Octopus (from Spider-Man 2), Green Goblin (from Spider-Man), Electro (from The Amazing Spider-Man 2), Lizard (from The Amazing Spider-Man) and Sandman (from Spider-Man 3). Let us now speculate as to what villains we would like to see appear in Spider-Man’s MCU college trilogy.


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The rumours about Vincent D’Onofrio reprising his role as Kingpin are as high as ever with the first appearance of his character set to be in the on-going Disney+ series Hawkeye, and we believe that Kingpin would be a great fit for antagonising Spider-Man in one of his upcoming movies.

Although Kingpin – real name Wilson Fisk - is mainly known as Daredevil’s archenemy, he first appeared in 'The Amazing Spider-Man' #50 back in 1967 meaning he has had his fair share of battles with the wallcrawler in the comics. The inclusion of Kingpin could really ground Spider-Man’s story and instead of taking on super powered villains that we’ve already seen him do, he could be stuck in the middle of a gang-war trying to take down the ruler of the criminal underworld, Wilson Fisk himself.

Some of Spidey’s best fights in the comics have been against the man-mountain Kingpin himself and it would be great to see the two go toe-to-toe in the MCU.


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MacDonald Gargan already exists within the MCU with Michael Mando portraying the character in Spider-Man: Homecoming but we haven’t seen him suit up as Scorpion just yet. The post-credit scene from Spider-Man: Homecoming would lead you to believe that Mac will be out to get revenge on Spider-Man for imprisoning him however, it is unclear if he has undergone the transformation that led to him becoming Scorpion in the comics.

Scorpion is one of Spider-Man’s best villains of all time and would be a great fit for one of the upcoming Spidey movies. With his incredible strength, Scorpion sting and wall-crawling ability, the psychotic supervillain would truly push Tom Holland’s Spidey to his limits.

Black Cat

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Felicia Hardy is not exactly a bad person, more so a thief and cat burglar than an out and out villain, but Felicia could really shake up Spidey’s world. In the comics, her encounters with the web-slinger caused her to realize that she could not side with him and continue to steal which really explored Felicia’s true morals within her personality and this could be a great dynamic to see on the big screen.

Not only do they fight alongside each other (mostly) in the comics but they’ve also been romantically involved many times which could be extremely interesting to see what ramifications this could have on Zendaya’s MJ and Tom Holland’s Spider-Man’s relationship. Her charm and flirtatious nature would challenge Spider-Man emotionally whilst also giving awesome Black Cat action sequences including fight scenes and fast-paced chases throughout the New York City skyline.

A Spider-Man college trilogy set in the MCU has been anticipated for a while so now that the news is official (as per Fandango), let the speculation begin! Stay tuned for more information and updates on all things MCU!

Which villains would you like to see appear in the next Spider-Man trilogy? Let us know in the comments down below.