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10 Comic Storylines we NEED to See Adapted in The DCEU

Updated: Feb 1

While Marvel have been consistently bringing the heat with their interconnected cinematic universe, DC haven’t quite reached their full potential as of yet. Much of the 2022 movie slate is filled with DCEU content with movies such as Black Adam, The Flash, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom and Batgirl all releasing within this year with a lot of hype behind the projects.

Me personally, I love all of the DCEU movies, and although they have previously come under fire for certain character choices, characterisation and overall storylines, there is no doubt that the DCEU as a whole is full of some fantastic feature films that have been bought to us by some incredible personal.

Do I think it is perfect? Not at all. There are many things that might have been left to desire, but I believe they are still on the right track to succeed and bring fans of DC and superheroes in general flocking to the theatres to witness these projects.

The future of the DCEU is certainly bright so here are 10 DC storylines that I believe would be perfect for the DCEU going forward.

10 - Justice League vs Suicide Squad

(via: DC Comics)

A fairly new storyline, the Justice League vs Suicide Squad comic saw the world’s most powerful heroes out to stop Amanda Waller’s Task Force X. The ensuing battle ensured for some great storytelling with two of DC’s most popular teams in comics going head-to-head against each other with the conclusion seeing both teams going up against Maxwell Lord.

We already have an established Suicide Squad team and Pedro Pascal portraying Maxwell Lord within Wonder Woman 1984, so the only thing needed now would be the new ensemble of Justice League members which are rumoured to come together at the end of The Flash.

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9 - Tower of Babel

(via: DC Comics)

The perfect story to show the DCEU Justice League at their most vulnerable, Tower of Babel basically implements what would happen if Batman’s contingency plans to take down the Justice League (if they ever turned evil) got into the wrong hands. In the original comic storyline, eco-terrorist Ra’s Al Ghul gets his hands on these plans and wreaks havoc on the Justice League.

Firstly, they would need to implement Ra’s Al Ghul into the DCEU to make it as accurate to the comic as possible and as the current status of the Justice League is unknown, that would need to be straightened out before this movie could be put forward. Just think of the potential of this story, a full-scale DC movie showing arguably the most powerful team on earth at their most vulnerable.

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8 - Green Arrow: Year One

(via: DC Comics)

It is about time we see Green Arrow on the big screen, and what better way to do it than an onscreen adaption of one of the most modern retellings of his origin story. I feel it would be best to introduce Green Arrow with a full origin movie as he is not as well-known as fellow DC characters like Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman.

This would be a great way to have the audience explore his character and also give way to the idea of the Justice League roster expanding and maybe even discovering a future relationship with Jurnee Smollet’s Black Canary (which is so iconic in the comics), who we previously saw in 2020’s Birds of Prey and is set to appear in the upcoming Batgirl movie and receive her own solo movie sometime in the future.

Many of you will be familiar with the show Arrow which followed the journey of Oliver Queen’s path to becoming the saviour of Star City, but to ultimately do the emerald archer justice, I feel he needs to be given free reign on the silver screen and join the DCEU so we can truly get the representation of Oliver Queen we deserve. And with him becoming a major member the current Justice League roster in the comics, there may be a chance of seeing him in the DCEU sooner than you think.

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7 - Judas Contract

(via: DC Comics)

The perfect excuse for Joe Manginello’s return as Deathstroke for a tale of darkness and betrayal, the Judas Contract remains the most important story in the Teen Titans’ history to date. Heavily revolved around their arch nemesis Deathstroke, the tale includes Terra, a new member of the Teen Titans, feeding private information to Deathstroke so he can eliminate them once and for all. This breaks the team both mentally and physically as they don’t know who to trust and who to turn to which leaves lasting effects on the superhero team.

The story has a lot of dark themes alongside an extremely controversial moment, that being Deathstroke seducing a 15-year-old Terra to do his bidding for him. Obviously that part will have to be altered but apart from that, Judas Contract is an intense and gripping story that I feel it would succeed immensely in the DCEU.

With Dick Grayson/Robin set to be making his DCEU debut within Batgirl, we could be in for a show as his dynamic with the villain Deathstroke is a highlight of the comic which can also lead into some more great character interactions, unique moments and fights between the Teen Titans and Deathstroke on the silver screen.

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6 - Blackest Night

(via: DC Comics)

Whilst Blackest Night is traditionally a Green Lantern story, make no mistake, this big event would require the entirety of the DCEU characters to feature. To sum it up in three words I would say, super powered zombies. Fallen heroes, villains and even civilians are resurrected by the villain Nekron, accompanied by Black Hand, with Black Lantern rings, becoming Black Lantern’s and attacking anything in their sight, effectively becoming zombies. I know, awesome right? But this is extremely ambitious and would more than likely be done later down the DCEU timeline, but if executed right, would possibly be one of the most thrilling comic book movies of all time.

The comic itself is one of the greatest in DC history with it firmly cemented in Green Lantern lore, so I know my fellow Green Lantern fans will be glad to see this on here. This event adds even more excitement too by giving other heroes/villains lantern rings, whether that‘s The Flash (Barry Allen) wielding a Blue Lantern ring of hope or Lex Luthor wielding an Orange Lantern ring of avarice, it would be like nothing we have ever seen before on-screen.

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5 - Wonder Woman: War of the Gods

(via: DC Comics)

The perfect storyline for Wonder Woman 3, War of the Gods revolves around iconic Wonder Woman villain Circe starting a war between all the gods on Earth with the ensuing battle threatening to destroy the earth as collateral damage.

The Olympian gods going to war with other deities of the DC universe with Wonder Woman and her fellow heroes being stuck in the middle sounds like a great movie and gives the DCEU an excuse to introduce the fan-favourite Circe to battle Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman.

Taking elements from George Perez’s legendary Wonder Woman run is a guaranteed success and after having Diana go through her tough personal journey within Wonder Woman 1984, a War of the Gods movie would be a terrific way to round off the trilogy.

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4 - Action Comics: Brainiac

(via: DC Comics)

Fans have been crying out for a Man of Steel sequel ever since it is release in 2013 but their wish is yet to be fulfilled. Along with the Man of Steel sequel cries, a large portion of fans would love to see Brainiac as the main antagonist, and what better way to utilize that then to use the storyline from Action Comics #866 - #870, written by Geoff Johns and penciled by Gary Frank, titled ‘Brainiac’. Probably the most famous Brainiac storyline in recent years, it perfectly captures the threat that he causes and would be a great addition to add more variety to the DCEU. Fans would also get to see the famous bottled city of Kandor from planet Krypton and experience Brainiac’s advanced alien technology vs Superman’s (or Supergirl’s) brute strength.

Being able to finally see Brainiac in all his glory on the big screen could be what the DCEU needs to really push on their Superman/Supergirl stories. And with Superman villains Lex Luthor, Doomsday and General Zod all now more well-known than ever before thanks to the DCEU, it would be great to get Brainiac out there for a wider audience to see and push the DCEU onto greater things.

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3 - Forever Evil

(via: DC Comics)

Thanks to the New 52, the Crime Syndicate were brought back and were as evil as ever during Geoff Johns’ run on Justice League. With the multiverse being fully established during the Arrowverse in previous years and coming to the big screen within The Flash movie, the Crime Syndicate from Earth -3 could prove worthy foes for the new live action Justice League.

Evil doppelgangers of the Justice League from the main earth of the DC universe, the Forever Evil storyline involves Crime Syndicate travelling to the main universe to take over the world, cause chaos and bury the Justice League for good. They make it clear for both heroes and villains that you join their ranks or die!

The main earth of the DCEU could be under serious threat with the inclusion of the Crime Syndicate and if you think about it, Warner Bros. could safe a tremendous amount of money on casting actors for the villain roles.

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2 - Crisis On Infinite Earths

(via: DC Comics)

Possibly the definitive DC comics storyline, Crisis on Infinite Earths was brought to us by legendary comics duo Marv Wolfman and George Perez. It features the destruction of the entire DC multiverse at the hands of the terrifying Anti-Monitor and features almost the entire roster of the DC universe. Having already been done in the Arrowverse on the CW, which even involved Ezra Miller’s Flash, the storyline within the DCEU could open up the possibility of bringing in any multiversal character from the DC universe.

Quite possibly the most ambitious DC project of all, it may be wise to save this adaptation for when lots more characters are established within the DCEU.

The ending of Crisis on Infinite Earths may not end well for a certain Flash however, it could then pave the way for his fan-favourite replacement to shine through and receive the live-action spotlight he so desperately deserves.

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1 - Sinestro Corps War

(via: DC Comics)

Green Lantern fans stand up! Done correctly, this storyline could turn the tide of live-action superhero movies in DC’s favour. A DCEU movie about the newly formed Sinestro Corps who has the all-powerful Superboy Prime, Cyborg Superman and the Anti-Monitor all on their side invading earth, it does not come much better than that.

This event would be humongous and would require pretty much every character within the DCEU alongside plenty more characters that could be introduced in the buildup. It could be like the final battle in Avengers: Endgame but bigger and better! I know that is a big statement but for all of you that have read the comic, you’ll know the potential that this storyline has for the DCEU.

Easily one of my favourite comic events of all time, ‘Sinestro Corps War’ would most likely be alluded to as a whole saga, like Marvel’s ‘Infinity Saga’, with many operations taking place in the background to bring the humongous plan together. The inclusion of Sinestro in the DCEU could really show audiences the depth of the villains that DC truly has. Sinestro can add so much to the villains of DC with the yellow ring wielding tyrant causing chaos for the Green Lantern Corps, and him specifically targeting Hal Jordan with whom he shares a very personal history with.

With the potential of breathtaking battles between the Sinestro Corps and the Green Lantern Corps, alongside earth’s greatest protectors like the Justice League, the JSA and the Teen Titans. The Sinestro Corps War can provide us with some of the best action scenes in comic book movie history. I genuinely believe that this could cause some insane hype and really push the DCEU right up there with the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) and with the Green Lantern HBO Max series set to start production this year, it could be the beginning of a very exciting saga.

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Which comic storylines would you add to this list? What characters would you like to see added into the DCEU? Let us know down in the comments section below.

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