About Us

Who Are We?

iComic Industries Ltd is a UK based online comic book store, we specialize in selling graphic novels, merchandise, action figures and comic collectibles. Our mission is to give comic and pop culture fans of all ages the most captivating comic shopping experience that fulfils all your comic needs!

For all the comic fans:

We have a wide selection of graphic novels from the biggest comic publishers on the globe. We have all the latest and greatest superhero graphic novels from Marvel, DC, Image Comics and Star Wars, with new graphic novels being delivered to us on a weekly basis. You can start to collect and explore historic runs in trade paperback or omnibus form right here!

For all the collectors:

We have a fantastic variety of action figures, collectibles and movie props. With products from the likes of Marvel Legends, McFarlane Toys and DC Collectibles, we have all the best collectibles on the market. Whether you want to start your collection today or you are a veteran collector, you will be sure to find whatever you are after on our store!

Alongside our vast collection of awesome collectibles, we have the newest and most stylish comic based clothing and accessories out there! 


We also have a blog section that covers comics, movies, tv series, rumours and more, with our main goal to supply anyone interested in comics and superheroes a great deal of news, information and resources. Whether you're a hardcore comic enthusiast or a casual superhero movie fan, our blog is definitely for you! 


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