10 Storylines we NEED to see adapted into the DCEU

10 Storylines we NEED to see adapted into the DCEU

While Marvel are doing a fantastic job with their cinematic universe, DC seem to have fallen a bit behind. However, I believe they can match Marvel’s level of success and even maybe surpass them. The key to doing this? Utilizing the right storylines.

 Me personally, I love all of the DCEU movies, but they often come under fire for not doing the characters justice or maybe even toning down certain aspects of the stories to suit similar audiences to successful MCU projects.

There is nothing more that me and fellow comic fans alike love than to see our favourite characters faithfully adapted onto the big screen. I feel that it is particularly important to stick to the source material of the character, but I also understand that each director wants to tell their own story, and with these two added together they can become the perfect mix. Do I love the DCEU? Of course. Do I think it is perfect? Not at all. There are many things that might have been left to desire, but I believe they are still on the right track to succeed.

Here are 10 DC storylines that I believe would be perfect for the DCEU going forward.


10 – A Death In The Family

How "A Death in the Family" Shook the World | DC

(Credit: DC comics)

I know that this is already a touchy subject with DC fans, and I can understand why. Dick Grayson is the Robin who died at the hands of the Joker in the DCEU and not Jason Todd… this was extremely controversial when this was revealed because it impacts the Batman mythos so much.

Simply because in the comic ‘A Death In The Family’ Jason Todd is the one who dies and not Dick Grayson. But moving forward, there isn’t anything we can do about a character change, so I’d like to make the most of it.

What Happened To Robin Pre-Batman V Superman? - CINEMABLEND

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In recent light, there has been more and more hints as to what actually happened and personally, I’d love to see Zack Snyder get the chance to tell his tale about the death of Robin, especially after THAT Joker line to Batman in the recent DCEU project ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’.

What killed Jason Todd; the crowbar or the bomb? - Quora

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We know that, like the comic, the Joker is responsible for Robin’s death, but it is alluded to that Harley Quinn also played a part. Ultimately this is what leads to the darker Batman that us DCEU fans are familiar with, but I for one want this story to be told by Zack Snyder one day.


9 – Tower of Babel

Batman Has A Plan To Take Out Each Justice League Member

(Credit: DC comics)

The perfect story to show the DCEU Justice League at their most vulnerable, Tower of Babel basically implements what would happen if Batman’s contingency plans to take down the Justice League (if they turned evil) got into the wrong hands.

In the original comic storyline, well known Batman villain Ra’s Al Ghul gets his hands on these plans and wreaks havoc, and there is two ways that I would like to see this done. Firstly, implement Ra’s Al Ghul into the DCEU to make a carbon copy of the comic or… replace Ra’s with Deathstroke. Now that would be a movie!

What's Happening With Deathstroke In The DCEU, According To Joe Manganiello  - CINEMABLEND

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With Deathstroke already implemented into the DCEU, being portrayed by Joe Manganiello, we haven’t seen nearly enough of what we deserve. I believe he could potentially be one of the best comic book movie villains of all time, if used correctly. And if we saw him taking down the Justice League, it would do nothing but positive things for the character. Tower of Babel is a truly underrated comic that could be done justice by bringing it to the big screen.


8 – Green Arrow: Year One

Green Arrow: Year One by Andy Diggle

(Credit: DC comics)

It is about time we see Green Arrow on the big screen, and what better way to do it than an onscreen adaption of one of the latest retellings of his origin story. I feel it would be best to introduce Green Arrow with a full origin movie as he is obviously not as well known as fellow DC characters like Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman.

This would be a great way to have the audience explore his character and also give way to the idea of the Justice League roster expanding and maybe even discovering a relationship with Jurnee Smollet’s Black Canary, who we previously saw in 2020’s Birds of Prey.

BLACK CANARY PROPOSES TO GREEN ARROW (INJUSTICE II) - Part 6 | Arrow black  canary, Black canary, Green arrow

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Many of you will be familiar with the show ‘Arrow’ which followed the journey of Oliver Queen’s path to becoming the saviour of Star City but to ultimately do the emerald archer justice, I feel he needs to be apart of the DCEU so we can truly get the representation of Oliver Queen we deserve. And with him becoming the leader of the Justice League in the current comic run by Brian Michael Bendis, there may be a chance of seeing him in the DCEU sooner than you think.


7 – Judas Contract

DC Comics 101: Why "The Judas Contract" Matters | DC

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A tale of darkness and betrayal, the Judas Contract remains the most important story in the Teen Titans’ history to date. Heavily revolved around their arch nemesis Deathstroke, the tale includes Terra, a new member of the Teen Titans, feeding private information to Deathstroke so he can eliminate them once and for all. This breaks the team both mentally and physically as they don’t know who to trust and who to turn to which leaves lasting effects on the superhero team.

It fits the tone for the DCEU as it has a lot of dark themes alongside an extremely controversial moment, that being Deathstroke seducing a 15-year-old Terra to do his bidding for him. Obviously that part will have to be changed but apart from that, Judas Contract is such an intense and gripping story that I feel it would succeed immensely in the DCEU.

Revisiting Teen Titans: The Judas Contract - Nerds on Earth

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The only other issue to be addressed would be the Teen Titans roster because in the actual story, Nightwing and Cyborg are apart of the team. And as we have seen in the DCEU, Dick Grayson is the Robin that was killed by the Joker and Cyborg is already a member of the Justice League so they would have to rotate a few characters around. Nevertheless, it could still work out and although the infamous dynamic between Nightwing and Deathstroke would not be present, There would still be some great character interactions and fights between the Teen Titans and Deathstroke.

Deathstroke (Slade Wilson) Reading Order

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The Titans HBO series integrated the Judas Contract into their second season of the show and did a good job of It, however I really feel that this storyline would be done the ultimate justice in the DCEU and on that big screen for the world to enjoy.


6 – Blackest Night

Green Lantern Blackest Night Wallpapers - Top Free Green Lantern Blackest  Night Backgrounds - WallpaperAccess

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Whilst Blackest Night is traditionally a Green Lantern story, make no mistake about it, this big event would require the entirety of the DCEU roster. To sum it up in three words I would say, super powered zombies. Fallen heroes, villains and even civilians are resurrected by Nekron, accompanied by Black Hand, and becoming Black Lantern’s attacking anything in their sight. I know, awesome right?

But this is extremely ambitious and would more than likely have to be much done later down the DCEU timeline. But if executed right, would possibly be one of the most thrilling comic book movies of all time.

Blackest Night by Geoff Johns

(Credit: DC comics)

The comic itself is one of the greatest in DC history with it firmly cemented in Green Lantern lore, so I know my fellow Green Lantern fans will be glad to see this on here. This event adds even more excitement too by giving other heroes/villains lantern rings, whether that‘s Flash (Barry Allen) wielding a Blue Lantern ring or Lex Luthor wielding an Orange Lantern ring it would be unlike anything we have ever seen before.


5 – Hush

Is Hush Going To Be The Batman's Real Villain? | Small Screen

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One of the greatest Batman stories of all time, Hush. An outstanding story for an outstanding character. We know that Ben Affleck returning to the role of Batman after the Snyder Cut is highly unlikely, so we are taking a chance on this entry simply for the fact that Hush is so good. A true psychological thriller, this is truly some of the best storytelling from DC, with an array of villains and heroes from Gotham included. Fans alike have been dying out for more detective based Batman movies and to DC's credit, we are getting our wish with The Batman. However why not add more of this into the DCEU with Hush?

12 Essential Batman and Catwoman Stories

(credit: DC Comics)

Along with the actual introduction of Hush, we would also get Catwoman as well. With the pair working very closely together to solve the mystery that Hush has caused. The relationship between Bruce and Selina would be a refreshing boost for our DCEU Batman considering everything that he has gone through, but it is a long shot for this to come to light in the DCEU. Faith DCEU fans, faith.


4 – Action Comics: Brainiac

Henry Cavill Wants To See Brainiac On The Big Screen - LRM

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Fans have been crying out for a Man of Steel 2 ever since it is release in 2013 but their wish is yet to be fulfilled. Along with the Man of Steel 2 cries, a large portion of fans would love to see Brainiac as the main antagonist and what better way to utilize that then to use the storyline from Action Comics #866 - #870 titled ‘Brainiac’. Probably the most famous Brainiac storyline in recent years, it perfectly captures the threat that he causes and would be a great addition to add more variety to the DCEU.

Fans would also get to see things like the famous bottled city of Kandor from planet Krypton, Brainiac’s advanced alien technology vs Superman’s brute strength and maybe see fellow Kryptonian and cousin to Superman, Supergirl aka Kara Zor El, with her already set to appear in the upcoming DCEU film titled ‘The Flash’ directed by Andy Muschietti.

HD wallpaper: Comics, Brainiac, Brainiac (DC Comics) | Wallpaper Flare

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Being able to finally see Brainiac in all his glory on the big screen could be what the DCEU needs to really push on their Superman stories. And Superman villains Lex Luthor, Doomsday and General Zod are all now more well-known than ever thanks to the DCEU, so it would be great to get Brainiac out there for a wider audience to see and push the DCEU onto greater things.


3 – Court of Owls

Would a "Batman: The Court of Owls" game work? | NeoGAF

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The Court of Owls storyline from the New 52 line of DC Comics is one of the modern greats of comic book storytelling. Written by Scott Snyder, it has already cemented its place in Batman history. An underground cult of rich and powerful people who control and influence most of the action in Gotham but also remain a secret. It is the perfect mystery thriller with a lot of dark tones that could slot in perfectly with our DCEU Batman.

Whilst this story canonically takes place in Batman’s earlier years, I feel as though switching it to the later years of Batman’s career would make for an even more compelling story. As we know, Ben Affleck’s Batman is a veteran, he has been crime fighting for 20+ years so throwing the reveal of a cult organization that has been hidden from him for his whole life would throw a huge spanner in the works. Batman makes sure that he is aware of everything in Gotham so this storyline flips this directly on its head.

Graphic Novel Review: "Batman Volume 1: The Court of Owls" by Scott Snyder  - HobbyLark

(Credit: DC comics)

The court are not just mysterious people in suits and owl masks, they also have the Talon’s. Now, Talon’s are basically the Courts assassins who are effectively 'undead' and they are sent out to kill people who the Court deem a threat. So this dynamic would bring so much to action scenes that could take place in the DCEU adaptation. With Ben Affleck’s Batman known for being a very dark version of the character, this fits the dark tone of this entire story meaning the fight sequences could be brutal and make for some outstanding scenes. We could also see Batman’s detective work at its best since we are yet to see much of this in the DCEU.

Like stated before, the future for Ben Affleck is Batman is very uncertain, but this storyline is too good to leave out!




2 – Flashpoint

DC Comics 101: Why is Flashpoint So Important? | DC

(Credit: DC comics)

The savior of the DCEU? Flashpoint seems to be the key to a hopeful future for the DCEU and with the upcoming movie ‘The Flash’ releasing in 2022, it seems as though it will take heavy inspiration from the Flashpoint storyline. But why is this key? Well, not only is it one of the greatest DC stories of all time (in my opinion) but it also can play to the fact that the DCEU seems to be going for the Multiverse route for their movies/tv shows, with unlimited rumors about this Flash film, this is what can tie the confusion and mess, that has come out of this approach, together.

The Flashpoint story revolves around The Flash, Barry Allen, travelling back in time to save his mother from being killed which ultimately causes the entire DC universe to change dramatically with certain historic events having a different outcome such as: Bruce Wayne being killed instead of his parents leading to Thomas Wayne becoming Batman and Martha Wayne becoming the Joker, Superman being found by the government instead of Jonathan and Martha Kent, the Amazons and Atlanteans going to war and so on. It is a completely different but canon spin on the DC universe that we know and love but was also used to reset DC continuity to pave way to the New 52.

Wonder Woman May Be Part of the Flashpoint Movie, Which Could Be a Big Deal

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Everything changes… except for the torment and suffering that Flash suffers from his arch nemesis Reverse Flash. Who, thanks to Flash, finally exists outside of the timestream meaning that he can finally kill him. The addition of Reverse Flash to the DCEU would be welcomed with open arms, as he is a key part of the Flash mythos and without Reverse Flash there is no Flash, so it goes hand in hand.

Now we know that Flashpoint is time travel story, but that does not mean it cannot be adapted into a multiverse story. Like stated earlier, DC seem to be going for the Multiverse route with ‘The Flash’ movie at the center of this. With Michael Keaton set to reprise his role as Batman from the Tim Burton movies, this proves that there will be an aspect of multiversal travel throughout the movie and it’s only a matter of time until we see what changes this movie will have on the DCEU.

The 10 Best Michael Keaton Batman Moments

(Credit: Warner Bros Studios/DC comics)

Flashpoint is the only story on this list that is pretty much confirmed to be adapted at this moment in time, so I hope that they stick to the source material that is available, with so many rumors constantly appearing, only time will tell if we get to see Flashpoint adapted faithfully in the DCEU.


1 – Sinestro Corps War

CAVEMEN GO: Sinestro Corps War

(Credit: DC comics)

Green Lantern fans stand up! If this was done right, it could really turn the tide of comic book movies in DC’s favour. A DCEU movie about the newly formed Sinestro Corps who has Superboy Prime, Cyborg Superman and the Anti-Monitor all on their side invading earth, it does not come much better than that.

This event would be humongous and would require pretty much every character within the DCEU alongside plenty more characters that could be introduced in the buildup. It could be like the final battle in Avengers: Endgame but bigger and better! I know that is a big statement but for all of you that have read the comic, you’ll know the potential that this storyline has for the DCEU.

Superboy Prime | "The Brotherhood of Evil Geeks"

(Credit: DC comics)

Easily one of my favourite comic events of all time, Sinestro Corps War would most likely be alluded to as a whole saga, like Marvel’s ‘Infinity Saga’, with many operations taking place in the background to bring the humongous plan together. The inclusion of Sinestro in the DCEU could really show audiences the depth of the villains that DC truly has. Sinestro can add so much to the villains of DC with the yellow ring wielding tyrant causing chaos for the Green Lantern Corps, with him specifically targeting Hal Jordan with who he shares a very personal history with.

 With the potential of breathtaking battles between the Sinestro Corps and the Green Lantern Corps, alongside earth’s greatest protectors like the Justice League, the JSA and the Teen Titans. The Sinestro Corps War can provide us with some of the best action scenes in comic book movie history. I genuinely believe that this could cause some insane hype and really push the DCEU right up there with the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe).